Newspaper Articles – Maureen Martin

Animal Rights Wrongs

Ten years ago the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) sued Ringling Bros.–Barnum & Bailey circus for alleged mistreatment of its elephants.

Jail Money

Lawsuits filed by inmates in Rikers Island, New York City’s main jail – most of them frivolous – have cost the city more than $111 million over the past five years.


If you go to a baseball game, you assume the risk of getting struck by a baseball – but you don’t assume the risk of getting hit with a hot dog.

No Kidding Her

An Ohio teacher is suing her school district for discrimination after they reassigned her from a high school to a junior high school and pressed her to resign.

Gold Finger

An upstate New York man “gave the finger” to a cop using a radar gun and now may get paid for it.

Transparent Fraud

A jury award in West Virginia will require two lawyers and a doctor to pay CSX Rail $429,240 for racketeering and fraud in the reading of x-rays in asbestos cases.

Beer Blast

A group of prison inmates in Idaho is suing major beer companies, alleging the brewers are responsible for their lives of crime.

Child Exploitation

It didn’t take long for trial lawyers to begin trying to profit from the Newtown massacre.

The Candy Man Can’t

A soda fountain in St. Paul may be fined $500 by city inspectors for selling candy cigarettes.

A Christmas Greeting

A Louisiana woman has the constitutional right to hang Christmas lights on her house in a pattern giving her neighbors the middle finger.