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Opponents Hope to Loosen Grip of Government’s ‘Choke Point’ Program

Two federal agencies have backed off – slightly – from a program that critics say has been intimidating banks into canceling services for legitimate, law-abiding businesses, making it difficult if

A Plan to Compel Congress to Amend the Constitution for a Balanced Budget

In the 225 years since the Constitution of the United States of America became the guiding law of the land, it has been amended 27 times (including the first 10 amendments that make up the Bill of

Supreme Court's Harris Ruling Could Affect All Government Unions

In barring state governments from forcing home caregivers to join a labor union, the U.S.

Blame Government Policies, Not Companies, for Reincorporations Abroad

Recent corporate mergers and acquisitions—and talk of more in the works—have some Americans, including federal legislators, accusing the companies of being “unpatriotic,” “freeloaders,” and “avoidi

Study: More Harm Than Good from Targeted Business Incentives

Although most empirical studies on tax incentives “find that they have little or no effect on employment or the economy as a whole,” states and local governments have been steadily increasing the n

Despite Losing in Court, IRS Still Trying to Regulate Tax Preparers

One week after the federal court victory of three independent tax return preparers over the IRS became final, thus blocking the IRS from imposing a licensing scheme on hundreds of thousands of tax

Missouri Legislators Override Veto, Approve Income Tax Cuts

Missouri legislators in May overrode the veto of Gov. Jay Nixon (D) to enact the state’s first income tax cut in nearly 100 years.

Debt Surges for Older Americans, Threatening Retirements, CFPB Says

“Rising mortgage debt is threatening the retirement security of millions of older Americans,” begins a report released today by the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Illinois Dems Drop Plans for Tax Surcharge, Progressive Income Tax

Democrat leaders in Illinois have given up their attempts—for now—to impose an income tax surcharge on high-income earners and create a “progressive” income tax to replace the current flat-rate tax