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Utah Has Nation’s Best Economic Outlook, Rich States, Poor States Says

For the seventh consecutive year, Utah has been ranked as the state with the best economic outlook by the authors of Rich States, Poor States, published by the American Legislative Exchang

Tennessee Moves to End Tax on Dividend Income

Tennessee legislators this week are considering a bill to phase out the state’s 6 percent tax on dividend and other investment income. Tennessee already has no tax on wages or salaries.

Illinois House Speaker Wants Tax ‘Surcharge’ On Million Dollar Incomes

Three years ago the Democrat-dominated Illinois General Assembly raised the state’s personal income tax rate from 3 percentage points to 5 percentage points, a 67 percent increase in the tax rate.

Indiana Wants Honest, Transparent Evaluation of Tax Incentives

Virtually every state offers tax “incentives” for economic development. Many local governments also dole out their own incentives.

Obama Budget Heavy On Taxes and Spending, Light on Reform

One trillion dollars in additional tax revenue over the next 10 years, fewer tax deductions and exemptions, and stricter enforcement of the nation’s tax laws are revenue-related centerpieces of Pre

Income Tax Cut Advances in Oklahoma

A cut in the Oklahoma state income tax took a step toward reality when a state House subcommittee passed House Bill 3291, which would lower the personal income tax rate to 4 percent by 2018.

Chicago Aldermen Barely Discuss Issuing Another $1.9 Billion of Debt

Neither triple downgrades in Chicago’s credit rating nor data showing the city is in worse debt shape than bankrupt Detroit could stop the Chicago City Council from doing what it’s done for decades

RNC Backs Repeal of Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act

The Republican National Committee has adopted repeal of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act as part of its official platform.