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Declining Humidity Is Defying Global Warming Models

Atmospheric relative humidity has substantially declined in recent decades, defying global warming computer models predicting higher amounts of atmospheric water vapor that will exacerbate global w

Global Warming Turned the Arab Deserts Green

Global warming turned the harsh deserts of the Arabian Peninsula lush and green during the most recent interglacial warm period, scientists note in the August 29 issue of Science.

Global Warming Activists Launch New Attack on Livestock, Dairy

Global warming activists launched a new attack on livestock and dairy, claiming it will be impossible to properly address global warming unless people cut back on their beef and dairy intake.

Global Warming Democrats Invite Election Backlash

Recent polling numbers may induce Republicans on the November ballot to turn certain Democrats’ obsession with global warming into a Republican weapon, slamming Democrats for ignoring much more imp

Global Warming a Greater Threat than ISIS?

The establishment liberal media frequently point out Democrats are much more worried about global warming than Republicans, and the media paint this divide as showing Republicans are out of touch o

Photographer Captures Alarmists' Frightened Faces

The Huffington Post published a humorous article Monday titled, “

EPA Forced to Retreat on Radiation Limits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is raising by a factor of 350 what it considers to be the threshold for safe radiation exposure, Jon Utley reported at

Tampa Solar Panels Fail to Meet Promises

Rooftop solar panels installed at the Hillsborough County Courthouse in Tampa, Florida are producing less than half their promised power, county records reveal.