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Global Warming a Greater Threat than ISIS?

The establishment liberal media frequently point out Democrats are much more worried about global warming than Republicans, and the media paint this divide as showing Republicans are out of touch o

Photographer Captures Alarmists' Frightened Faces

The Huffington Post published a humorous article Monday titled, “

EPA Forced to Retreat on Radiation Limits

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is raising by a factor of 350 what it considers to be the threshold for safe radiation exposure, Jon Utley reported at

Tampa Solar Panels Fail to Meet Promises

Rooftop solar panels installed at the Hillsborough County Courthouse in Tampa, Florida are producing less than half their promised power, county records reveal.

Sorry, Alarmists, Lies and Insults Don’t Change Cooling Trend

In a recent column at I called attention to the latest, most accurate da

Global Warming? Death Valley Shatters Cool Temperature Record

Global warming – er, that is, global climate disruption – claimed another victim Sunday as Death Valley shattered its all-time record for coolest August 3 high temperature in history.

Global Warming Linked to Anger Outbursts, Obscenities

Global warming is causing an increase in anger outbursts and explosive obscenities, according to CNN.

Al Gore Effect Slams EPA Hearings with Cold Temps

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project doomed across-the-nation EPA field hearings yesterday on global warming restrictions.