Newspaper Articles – James M. Taylor

Wastewater Tremors Weaker than Natural Earthquakes, USGS Reports

Small earthquakes linked to underground wastewater injection are substantially weaker in their effects than natural earthquakes of the same magnitude, according to a new study conducted by the U.S.

U.S., Global Crop Production Sets New Records in 2014

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has forecast record U.S.

Embarrassing Facts Haunt Global Warming March

Just two days after a summer freeze cut growing seasons prematurely short in New York and New England, global warming activists marched in New York City against global warming.

Al Jazeera Sues ‘Desperate’ Gore for False Representations

A desperate Al Gore made several false representations as part of a smokescreen to “prevent people from seeing the truth,” the Al Jazeera media network asserted in conjunction with court documents

Global Warming Boosts Tree Growth, New Study Reports

Trees are growing at an accelerated rate due to global warming, scientists conclude in a new peer-reviewed study.

Democrats at Risk of Global Warming Election Backlash

Recent polling numbers may induce Republicans on the November ballot to turn certain Democrats’ obsession with global warming into a Republican weapon, slamming Democrats for ignoring much more imp

NCSE Makes Embarrassing Errors Attacking Climate Science in Texas

The climate activist group National Center for Science Education embarrassed itself yesterday by making basic errors attacking climate science in Texas.

Sorry, Steve Running, Wildfires Are Decreasing with Global Warming

A Billings Gazette article last week quoted University of Montana global warming activist Steve Running claiming major wildfires have quadrupled since

Declining Humidity Is Defying Global Warming Models

Atmospheric relative humidity has substantially declined in recent decades, defying global warming computer models predicting higher amounts of atmospheric water vapor that will exacerbate global w

Global Warming Turned the Arab Deserts Green

Global warming turned the harsh deserts of the Arabian Peninsula lush and green during the most recent interglacial warm period, scientists note in the August 29 issue of Science.