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Wyoming Continues Battle Over Science Standards

A 21st-century version of the classic range war is playing out in Wyoming.

Kansas Legislature Passes Education Tax Credits

Kansas lawmakers sent the governor a bill that would provide up to $8,000 for private-school tuition from scholarship funds established with donations from businesses. Gov.

Utah Tries Online Preschool, Mulls Expansion

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Utah legislators are debating whether to expand the state’s digital UPSTART preschool program or allocate more funding for traditional pre-kindergarten classroom education.

Study: Involving Parents in Education Helps Poor Preschoolers

Parental involvement is effective in improving lower-income preschoolers’ cognitive development, according to a study published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the Uni

Online Learning in Libraries Targets High-School Dropouts

The concept of the traditional library continues to evolve from rooms teeming with musty books, dusty shelves, and spinster librarians shushing patrons.

Wisconsin Teachers Revel in Freedom from Unions

The Wisconsin legislation that led to statewide protests and Gov.

Grand Rapids TV Viewers May Experience Blackouts

(Editor's note: The threatened blackout described below was averted when the parties involved reached an 11th hour agreement late on Nov. 29, 2012.)  

Emergency Manager Law Overturn Troubles Michigan Schools

It’s getting more expensive for Michigan school districts to borrow money and difficult for some to avoid bankruptcy after voters rejected a ballot proposal that would have retained the state’s eme

Minnesota Backs Down on Restricting Free Online Classes

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education reversed its threat to enforce a 20-year-old statute that would have prevented residents from taking free online college classes from California-based educa