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New York Judge OKs Lawsuit Targeting Teacher Tenure

A Staten Island judge ruled a lawsuit challenging New York State’s teacher-tenure and dismissal statutes may proceed.

Louisiana School Chief Proposes Review of State’s Standardized Tests

Louisiana education Superintendent John White has announced plans to review the state’s Common Core-aligned standardized tests one year ahead of schedule.

California Parent Empowerment Efforts Showing Signs of Success

Nearly five years after California passed the nation’s first-ever “Parent Trigger” legislation, parents at only a handful of failing schools have taken advantage of the law’s potent remedies in the

California School District Rejects Parent Trigger Petition

Adelanto, California school district officials rejected a petition by parents to convert Desert Trails Elementary School into an independent charter under the nation’s inaugural Parent Trigger law.

California Parents Pull Trigger on Elementary School

Parents of students at a failing elementary school in the Southern California desert city of Adelanto are the second group to exercise their rights under the state’s Parent Trigger law.

Los Angeles Teachers Union Demands Thousands Be Rehired

The United Teachers Los Angeles teachers union is demanding the Los Angeles Unified School District use a $55 million budget surplus to rehire 1,200 teachers laid off in the last year.

Michigan Legislators Weigh Parent Trigger, Charter Expansion

Parents and teachers in Michigan would have the power to petition their school district to convert a failing public school into an independent charter under a bill pending in the Republican-control

Parent Trigger Online Debate Begins Today


California Nears Final ‘Parent Trigger’ Regulations

California’s State Board of Education is on track to approve final, permanent regulations governing the state’s landmark Parent Trigger law at its September meeting.