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School Choice Weekly #51

It’s Teacher Freedom Week

School Choice Weekly #49

Open Letters From David Coleman and His Critics About Changes to U.S. History Curriculum

Editor’s note: Yesterday, College Board President David Coleman responded to critics of changes to his organization's advanced U.S.

Video: A Ten-Year-Old Explains Why Mediocre U.S. Schools Matter

Ten-year-old Dashton explains why it matters that the United States is ranked 32 in academic performance compared to the rest of the developed world.

Vouchers Improved Sweden’s Schools

School Choice Weekly #47

Video: Michelle Rhee Discusses Lawsuits Aimed at Tenure

Parents have filed a lawsuit on behalf of seven children against New York's union-backed tenure rules, after a California judge in a similar suit agreed the rules send the worst teachers to the nee

Video: Schools Have Become Data Vacuums

The biggest proponents of Big Data in education believe collecting the most intimate details about your child and family will help them engineer society, Jane Robbins says in

Oklahoma Supreme Court Affirms Common Core Repeal

The Oklahoma Supreme Court rejected a lawsuit the state board of education filed against the state legislature in an attempt to avoid following a new law repealing and replacing national Common Cor