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School Choice Weekly #44

Video: Epstein On Race-Based School Discipline

New York University law professor Richard Epstein joins Choice Media founder Bob Bowdon to discuss the Obama adminstration's new rules telling schools they must use race-based quotas on school disc

Video: Fourth of July History Lesson

Like King Lear, President Obama "is projecting the blame for his problems on everyone else," Dan Henninger, a Wall Street Journal columnist, tells Mary Kissell.

Safeguarding Our Independence

School Choice Weekly #43

Video: Supreme Court Smacks Unions

A unanimous Supreme Court decision yesterday limits unions from forcing people to unionize or to pay "user fees" if they don't want to be unionized.

Video: Can Edtech Companies Get As Big As Google?

Goldman Sachs Co-chairman George Lee says an education technology company could get as big or bigger than Google or Facebook.

Common Core Tests Become a Hot Potato

School Choice Weekly #42

Podcast: President Obama's College Rating Scheme Will Hurt Everyone

Joy Pullmann joins Radio Free Russia to discuss President Obama's plan to rate colleges according to federal criteria.

Video: Louisiana Governor Drops Common Core Tests

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal sent a letter and executive order Wednesday pulling the state from national Common Core tests.