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Podcast: Kansas Set to Pass Ed Reform Package

Kansas lawmakers have passed a bill that would introduce the state's first school choice program, end tenure, send more money to public schools, and lift barriers from people who want to beco

GOP Chairwoman Explains No Confidence Vote in Lawmakers Due to Common Core

Editor's note: The following open letter from Janet Reabe, chairwoman of the Green Lake County Republicans in Wisconsin, explains why their sixth district GOP caucus recently gave a vote o

Regulations Threaten Choice

School Choice Weekly #33

Report: Feds Fund Duplicate Early Childhood Programs

The federal government funds 45 early childhood programs and five separate subsidies through the tax code, according to a Government Accountability Office report.

Colorado Teachers Want More Freedom, Survey Finds

A survey shows members of Colorado’s largest nonunion teachers association support pentions reform and reduction of government regulations.

Homeschoolers More Politically Tolerant, Study Finds

A new study of university students finds those who were homeschooled in K-12 are more likely to be politically tolerant than their private- or public-schooled counterparts.

Audio: Singin' the Common Core Blues

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Scott Simpson sings a blues song he wrote "collaboratively" with South Dakota high school English teachers about the Common Core.