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How Important Is Homework for Student Achievement?

Once a child is enrolled in school, the time for homework starts.

Rewards, Education, and the Culture of Poverty

For some children, a “culture of poverty” severely limits the opportunities they have to benefit from structured play and enrollment in out-of-school programs.

Education and Capitalism (podcast)

Joseph Bast, President of the Heartland Institute, and Dr.

School Reform, the Texas Way

Different increases in wealth among countries are strongly linked to student achievement. But in the most recent international achievement survey, U.S.

Private Schools Encourage Improvement in Public Schools

In big cities, as many as 80 percent of public school parents say they would send their children to parochial or independent schools if they could afford tuition.

American Education in 2030: Vouchers Thrive

Informed by evidence as of 2011, this essay speculates on the rise of vouchers through 2030 from the perspective of 2040. For this article, a voucher means a scholarship awarded direct

More Diligence Needed to Discourage Students and Teachers from Cheating

National surveys show that most students report cheating at some point during their school careers.

School Choice Works

Point of View: School Choice Evidence