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America's Largest Commuter Sheds (CBSAs)

Core Based Statistical Area (CBSA) is the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) way of defining metropolitan regions.

Growth Concentrated in Most Suburbanized Core Cities

There is considerable interest in urban core population trends, both because of recent increases in the interest of urban planning orthodoxy to restore living patterns more akin to the pre-World

Working at Home: In Most Places, the Big Alternative to Cars

Working at home, much of it telecommuting, has replaced transit as

Piketty's Wealth Driven Inequality: Virtually All in Housing?

The Economist headline reads: "Through t

Transit Ridership Increases: No Escape from New York

Transit ridership is increasing in the United States.

Cities: Better for the Great Suburbanization

The massive exodus of people from rural areas to urban areas over the past 200 years has been called the "great urbanization." For more than two centuries, people have been leaving rural areas

Portland-Area Revolt Against Light Rail Continues

In a hard-fought election campaign, voters in the city of Tigard, Ore., narrowly enacted another barrier to light rail expansion in suburban Portland.

High-Speed Rail Decision Is Victory for Rule of Law

California Judge Michael Kenny has barred state bond funding for the California high-speed rail system, finding “the state’s High-Speed Rail Authority failed to follow voter-approved requirements d

Driving Alone Increases Its Domination of Commuting

New data from the American Community Survey make it possible to review the trend in mode of access to employment in the United States over the past five years.

‘Plan Bay Area’ an Authoritarian Intrusion Into Housing Decisions

The San Francisco area’s recently adopted Plan Bay Area may set a new standard for urban planning excess.