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Microhabitats Enable Animals to Beat the Heat of Global Warming

A new study provides some real-world examples of the phenomenon, finding that “assuming uniform increases of 6°C, microhabitats decreased the vulnerability of communities by up to 32-fold, whereas

FACE Studies of CO2 Effects on Plants May Be Too Conservative

Atmospheric CO2 enrichment may increase plant growth and development considerably more than what has long been believed to be the case...

The Greening of Asia

As the atmosphere’s CO2 concentration continues to rise, Earth’s terrestrial plants are photosynthesizing at ever greater rates while using water ever more efficiently, which phenomena are leading

Embryonic Norway Lobsters in a Warmed and Acidified Ocean

What are the odds of their surviving the worst nightmare of the world’s climate-alarmists?

Three Decades of Global Greening of Earth’s Terrestrial Surfaces

Examining data from satellites, a U.S.

Carbon Sequestration in China’s Largest Lake

Although lakes cover a small fraction of Earth’s continental land surface, organic carbon burial in their sediments is “considerably higher than in ocean sediments.” The burial of carbon in China’s

Aging Japanese Cedar Plantations Still Sucking CO2 Out of the Air

As more CO2 goes into the atmosphere, Japanese cedar plantations keep removing some of it, even as they exceed their initially allotted life span...

CO2 Enrichment of a Highly-Prized Chinese Medicinal Herb

As the air’s CO2 content rises, the abundance of health-promoting adenosine derived from the roots of the Chinese Woad plant should grow right along with it, to the benefit of many people with a nu

Atmospheric CO2 Helps Oak Trees Recover from Natural Disasters

Following massive aboveground destruction caused by both fires and hurricanes, atmospheric CO2 enrichment is able to bring scrub-oak ecosystems back from the brink of death, so to speak, to once ag