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Cromnibus Reinstates Wind Production Tax Credit

The $1.1 trillion “Cromnibus” continuing resolution/omnibus spending law funding most government agencies through the 2015 fiscal year contains a number of special interest tax breaks, including re

Pope Takes on Climate Change

Pope Francis has decided to make fighting global warming an important papal cause in 2015.

The Carbon Diet Fallacy

Climate Change Weekly #155 The worst metaphor to come out of the global warming debate is “the carbon diet.”

Interview: Monckton’s Journey From Warming Believer to Influential Skeptic

[Lord Christopher Monckton of Brenchley dicusses his early climate efforts with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and how climate alarmists twisting of science and stiffling debate has made him

Pope’s Mistaken Moral Calculus on Global Warming

Climate Change Weekly #153[Subscribe] 

Wheat Crops Grow Despite Climate Alarmists’ Lies

Wheat Crops Grow Despite Climate Alarmists’ Lies Climate Change Weekly #152

Australian City Takes Moderate Approach to Sea-Level Rise

Councilors of the Australian coastal city of Shoalhaven have taken a moderate approach to planning for sea level rise.