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Florida Liberals, Conservatives Team Up for Solar

If an odd coalition of environmentalists and conservative activists have any say in the matter, the sun may shine brighter on the solar industry in Florida.

U.N. Climate Chief Resigns amid Sex Scandal

U.N. Climate Chief Resigns amid Sex Scandal Climate Change Weekly #161

Oregon Governor Resigns Amid Green Energy Scandal

In the face of a growing pay-to-play green energy scandal, John Kitzhaber resigned as governor of Oregon effective February 18, only a month into his historic fourth term as the state’s chief execu

UN Chief Resigns Under Fire in Sex Scandal

Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN’s influential Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, has resigned in the wake allegations of sexual harassment.

INTERVIEW: Seeking Climate Truth in the Face of Vicious Opposition

Arthur Robinson, president of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine and winner of the Voice of Reason award at the Ninth International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-9) in July 2014, dis

‘Warmest Year’ Claims Rapidly Wilt Under Scrutiny

No sooner had 2015 arrived than newspaper headlines and television anchors trumpeted the news international science agencies, including the Japan Meteorological Agency, the World Meteorological Org

Gov. Kitzhaber Resigns Amidst Green Energy Scandal

As of February 18, John Kitzhaber will no longer be governor of Oregon, having submitted a letter of resignation on Friday 13th.

Top Global Warming Lies

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Politicians, Activists Call for Increased Gasoline Taxes

Just as Americans are receiving some relief from high gasoline prices, some politicians and activists want to increase in the federal gasoline tax. Declining Revenues