Newspaper Articles – Cheryl K. Chumley

California Board Seeks to Ban Iconic Beach Firepits

California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District is proposing to give cities the authority to outlaw fire pits within their jurisdictions if they find the fires are nuisances.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Pushes Mandatory Composting

Mayor Michael Bloomberg—the man who brought about the failed supersize soda ban and restrictions on trans fats in city restaurants—is pushing for a law forcing New York City residents to compost th

White House Eyes $5.5 Billion Tax Hike on Airline Industry

The Obama administration is pushing for new taxes on the airline industry that would amount to an estimated hike of $14 per flight.

Maryland Wind Farm Threatens Bald Eagles

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials report a proposed wind energy project in Maryland would pose a “significant risk to eagles” and the developer should trim back its construction plans.

EPA Hands Over Documents to Advance McCarthy Nomination

EPA officials agreed to address transparency concerns voiced by Republican U.S.

Texas Commission Approves Coal Mine for Mexican Power Plants

The Railroad Commission of Texas, which regulates oil, gas, and coal in the state, approved a permit giving a Mexican company the right to start coal mining operations near Eagle Pass, a Texas bord

Idaho Wildfires Highlight Federal Land Management Woes

The Idaho legislature passed a resolution calling on the federal government to properly manage federal lands in the state that have been ravaged by wildfires.

Study: E15 Causes Engine Damage to Automobiles

Gasoline containing 15 percent ethanol causes even more damage to vehicle engines than previously reported, according to a new study by the Coordinating Research Council.

Vestas Wind Systems Cuts Workforce by 20 Percent

Alternative energy development has taken another hit as the world’s largest developer of wind turbines, Denmark-based Vestas Wind Systems, trimmed its U.S. workforce by approximately 20 percent.