Newspaper Articles – Ashley Bateman

Organizations Explore Cheap, Home-Based Early Childhood Development

By age 3, a child’s brain is 80 percent developed, researchers say. It’s 90 percent developed by age 5.

U.S. House Passes Charter Bill That Could Reduce School Choice

A bipartisan bill that recently passed the U.S.

Massive Online Classes Expand into K-12

In 2013, ten million students of all ages participated in more than 1,200 massive, open, online courses offered by more than 200 universities.

North Carolina Legislature to Study Open Enrollment

A North Carolina bill that would let students enroll in any school district in the state was deferred to a study committee instead of brought forth for a vote.

Report: Federal Rules Bloat State Education Bureaucracies

Zealous education reform movements at the state and national level often burden state agencies with tasks they are ill-equipped to perform, says a new report.

Kentucky School Uses Tech to Rethink Schooling

A Kentucky school district is increasing student freedoms and performance while zeroing out its dropout rate.

Louisiana Lawmakers Consider Student Privacy Bill

A bill making its way through the Louisiana legislature would revamp how schools and the state collect student data.

Tennessee Considers Parent Trigger Legislation

For several years, Tennessee parents and bipartisan legislators have worked to pass a Parent Trigger law to let families require reforms within low-performing schools by signing a petition.

‘Back to Basics’ School Draws Virginia Students

In 2013, 298 Virginia families applied for the 72 slots at Arlington Traditional School, a “back to basics” school that has been oversubscribed for years while district leaders have failed to expan

$23 million in Pennsylvania K-12 Scholarships Going to Waste

One-hundred and seventy schools in Philadelphia are chronically failing, yet Pennsylvania students currently cannot access $22.8 million in potential scholarships for better schools.