Newspaper Articles – Ashley Bateman

Louisiana Lawmakers Consider Student Privacy Bill

A bill is making its way through the Louisiana legislature would revamp how schools and the state collect student data.

Tennessee Considers Parent Trigger Legislation

For several years, Tennessee parents and bipartisan legislators have worked to pass a Parent Trigger law to let families require reforms within low-performing schools by signing a petition.

‘Back to Basics’ School Draws Virginia Parents

In 2013, 298 Virginia families applied for one of 72 slots at Arlington Traditional School, a “back to basics” school that has been oversubscribed for years without prompting district leaders to ex

$23 million in Pennsylvania K-12 Scholarships Going to Waste

One-hundred and seventy schools in Philadelphia are chronically failing, yet Pennsylvania students currently cannot access $22.8 million in potential scholarships for better schools.

Lifting Recess Rules Reduces Bullying, New Zealand Study Finds

By reducing recess rules and expanding students’ playtime, Swanson School in Auckland, New Zealand has not only seen less bullying, but also more classroom concentration.

Charter School Enrollment Climbs 13 Percent

In the 2013-14 school year, nearly 300,000 more students entered public charter schools, 600 more charters opened, and total charter enrollment increased 13 percent to account for more than 2.5 mil

South Carolina Considers Version of Parent Trigger

A Parent Empowerment Act in South Carolina would give parents the ability to petition the state to overhaul their school, but calls for clarity may push it to the back burner.

Feds Block MOOC Access in Sanctioned Countries

Last October, the U.S. Department of State announced a partnership with massive open online course provider Coursera to “expand learning opportunities worldwide.”

Study: School Choice Increases Property Values

A new study finds school choice increases local property values.

School Choice Proponents Fill Georgia’s Superintendent Ballot

Three candidates for Georgia state superintendent are running on school choice platforms against current superintendent John Barge.