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Battling Hurricane Gray through Education Choice

Based on projections, by the year 2030 the United States will experience an alarming, age-driven dependency ratio, transferring a majority of the economic responsibility of public health care and e

Scholarships for Disabled Students Likely to Pass in Mississippi

The statistics paint a bleak picture in Mississippi. Data accumulated in 2012 found that nearly 55,000 students age 6 to 21 were determined to have disabilities.

Texas Savings Grant Program Could Save Billions

Senate Bill 276, aiming to expand opportunities for Texas students through vouchers may pass into legislation this session after years of setbacks by school choice opponents.

Louisiana Gubernatorial Hopeful Denounces Common Core

In 2012, Louisiana lawmakers, backed by Gov. Bobby Jindal, adopted federal education standards, joining the ranks of most states nationwide.

Use of Blended Learning and Individualized Education Increases

Global demand for online learning is growing. In 2000, 45,000 K-12 students reportedly took online courses. Less than a decade later, the number had grown to more than three million.

KIPP Plans to Double Enrollment in Los Angeles

KIPP schools have a lofty plan for expansion in one major city, doubling enrollment over the next six years.

L.A. School District Defies Parent Trigger Law

With the Obama administration unilaterally giving states No Child Left Behind waivers, one California district is attempting to defer choice for parents who petition for their legal right to transf

Study: KIPP Schools Raise Achievement, Don’t Skim Best Students

The Knowledge is Power Program is a college-preparatory, community-transforming powerhouse.

Massive Online Classes Expand into K-12

In 2013, ten million students of all ages participated in more than 1,200 massive, open, online courses offered by more than 200 universities.

Organizations Explore Cheap, Home-Based Early Childhood Development

By age 3, a child’s brain is 80 percent developed, researchers say. It’s 90 percent developed by age 5.