Newspaper Articles – D. Brady Nelson

Indiana Voucher Program Continues Rapid Growth

Preliminary reports indicate almost 30,000 applications were made in Indiana for school vouchers this year.

Study Shows Marked Charter Enrollment Growth

Approximately 2.5 million public school students were enrolled in charter schools last school year, up more than 12 percent from last year and more than 30 percent from a decade earlier, a recent r

Environmentalists, EPA Use ‘Sue-and-Settle’ to Bypass Congress, Impose Regulations

A recent report by the National Center for Policy Analysis, Environmental Regulation Through Litigation, describes a new and disturbing approach to environmental regulation: sue-and-settle

Report: Devolve EPA to the States

Report: Devolve EPA to the States By D. Brady Nelson

National Poll Finds Increasing Skepticism towards Government Regulation

Results from national polling company Gallup’s annual governance survey suggest a growing number of Americ

Australian Meteorologists Caught Fudging Temperature Measurements

Australian Meteorologists Caught Fudging Temperature Measurements By Darren Nelson

Proposed Australian Carbon Tax Diversion a Warning to U.S. Proponents

What happens to carbon tax revenues after proponents pledge to use the revenues to support global warming programs and other narrowly targeted actions?

Australia Poised to Repeal Carbon Tax

Australia’s tax on carbon dioxide emissions faces likely repeal after a coalition led by the Liberal Party seats a Senate majority on July 1.

McConnell Files Resolution to Block EPA Carbon Dioxide Regulations

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) filed a resolution of disapproval in an effort to block U.S.