Newspaper Articles – Alyssa Carducci

California Requires Oil, Gas Companies to Report Water Use

The California state Senate unanimously passed a bill to require oil and gas companies to report the source and amount of water they use in drilling operations.

Maine, Michigan Voters Go Opposite Directions on Wildlife Management

For the second time in ten years, voters in Maine rejected a ban on baiting, trapping, or hounding bears for hunting purposes.

More Logging Needed to Combat Wildfires, California Official Says

Western states have faced severe wildfire seasons in recent years.

States Reject GMO Scares

Voters in two states, Colorado and Oregon, defeated GMO labeling at the ballot box in the November elections.

Industrial Wind Farm Kills Bats While Feds Ignore Problem

A Nevada wind farm has killed triple the number of bats allowed under an agreement with federal wildlife officials, yet the federal government has imposed no significant penalties.

Environmental Activists Threaten Louisiana Water Purification

Environmental activists are targeting Multi-Chem, a company that blends chemicals for oil production, as the company seeks a water discharge permit for its Vermilion Parish, Louisiana facility.

Free Speech Groups Defend Climate Debate

Several media and civil rights groups are aiding the Competitive Enterprise Institute, National Review, and two individual commentators after Pennsylvania State University Meteorology professor Mic

California Considered Environmental Law Waiver to Lure Tesla

Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and other California officials considered exempting Tesla Motors from complying with environmental protections under the California Environmental Quality Act.