Newspaper Articles – Alyssa Carducci

Free Speech Groups Defend Climate Debate

Several media and civil rights groups are aiding the Competitive Enterprise Institute, National Review, and two individual commentators after Pennsylvania State University Meteorology professor Mic

California Considered Environmental Law Waiver to Lure Tesla

Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and other California officials considered exempting Tesla Motors from complying with environmental protections under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Colorado Court Overturns Ft. Collins Fracking Ban

The city of Ft. Collins cannot lawfully ban energy production through hydraulic fracturing, a Colorado court has ruled.

New York Senate Rejects Fracking Ban

The New York Senate has declined to pass a bill extending a statewide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing energy production in the state. Instead, Gov.

New York Municipalities Can Ban Fracking, New York High Court Rules

New York’s highest court ruled municipalities can use zoning laws to ban hydraulic fracturing, adding to the frustration energy producers are experiencing in the state.

Hollywood Activists Caught on Film Selling Out American Energy Security

Three prominent Hollywood environmental activists were caught on video agreeing to sell out their nation’s energy independence to Middle Eastern oil producers.

Kansas Senate Votes to Repeal Renewable Power Mandates

The Kansas Senate voted to repeal the state’s renewable power mandates, creating a new high-water mark for efforts in the 50 states to repeal these mandates.

Connecticut Legislature Rejects Ban on GM Grass

The Connecticut House of Representatives soundly defeated a bill that would ban genetically modified grass in the state.

BLM’s Nevada Cattle Aggression Linked to Solar Power Plans

Environmental mitigation necessary for a planned solar power project may have motivated the federal Bureau of Land Management’s decision to launch a military-style armed enforcement action against