Newspaper Articles – Alyssa Carducci

Oregon Issues Key Permits for Coal Export Terminal

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality issued three key permits for a proposed coal export facility in Boardman, Oregon, but Ambre Energy still must obtain at least one additional state per

Landowners Sue Cuomo Administration to Compel Fracking Decision

A coalition representing 70,000 New York landowners filed suit against New York Gov.

Environmental Activists Seek to Block Florida Space Launch Facility

Environmental activists are attempting to block construction of a space launch facility in Florida, claiming the proposed site should be preserved for scrub jays and other species.

Obama Hires Incendiary Podesta as Top Advisor

President Barrack Obama has hired incendiary lobbyist and political activist John Podesta as a top advisor for the president’s remaining two years in office.

Energy Alliance Challenges BLM on Last-Minute Lease-Sale Cancellation

Western Energy Alliance, an organization of energy producers in the western United States, is challenging the U.S.

Wyden Introduces Senate Bill to Boost Logging

U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) unveiled a bill designed to boost logging on federal lands in Western Oregon.

Nebraska Sues EPA over Power Plant CO2 Restrictions

The State of Nebraska has filed a suit against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for overreaching restrictions on carbon emissions from coal-power plants.

Obama Administration Proposes 30-Year Eagle Kill Permits

The Obama administration announced a proposal to grant 30-year permits for wind turbine facilities to kill bald and golden eagles, causing an uproar among environmentalist groups.

Study: Hydraulic Fracturing Is ‘Game-Changer’ for U.S. Economy

A new policy study explains the facts about hydraulic fracturing so legislators and regulators can make better-informed decisions on fracking issues.

EPA Overstepped Authority on Farm Runoff, Court Rules

In a sharp rebuke to the U.S.