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Conservationists, Wind Industry Clash over Minnesota Eagle Deaths

Conservationists, Wind Industry Clash over Minnesota Eagle Deaths

Showdown Looms over Federal Wind Subsidy

With Congress returning from its August recess, proponents of extending a federal subsidy to the wind-energy industry—the production tax credit (PTC)—say they plan to leave no stone unturned in the

EPA Carbon Rule Dooms Efficient Coal Plant

One of the nation’s most efficient, clean-burning coal power plants will be shuttered in a few years because bringing it into compliance with the U.S.

California Solar Towers Blamed for Massive Bird Kills

A giant, state-of-the-art solar power complex in the Mojave Desert is incinerating birds and drawing close scrutiny from federal wildlife officials and environmental groups.

EPA’s McCarthy: New CO2 Restrictions Not About Climate

EPA’s recently announced restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions have nothing to do with reducing pollution, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy admitted in Senate hearings.

Greenpeace Blasts China’s Coal Plans

Greenpeace sharply criticized China for unveiling ambitious plans to construct 50 coal gasification plants.

Farmers, Ranchers Oppose EPA Water Grab

An 88-page regulatory proposal designed to “clarify” federal jurisdiction of “waters of the United States” is sowing opposition in the agricultural community, provoking calls for Congress to step i

Wind Industry Attacks California Solar Subsidies

The California Wind Energy Association and other renewable energy groups criticized a new law extending special tax breaks to the California solar power industry.

North Carolina Lifts Fracking Moratorium

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (R) signed into law a bill ending the Tarheel State’s moratorium on energy production via hydraulic fracturing.

Bird Conservancy Files Suit Against Wind Turbines

The American Bird Conservancy has filed a lawsuit against the federal government, charging the U.S.