Newspaper Articles – Bonner R. Cohen

Western Forests Recovering from Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation

The mountain pine beetle infestation that has ravaged forests in the western United States and Canada in recent years appears to be losing its grip.

Fierce Winter Forces Maryland Renewable Energy Company into Bankruptcy

Maryland renewable power provider Clean Currents announced it is going into bankruptcy, adding another chapter to a long line of renewable energy company failures.

Ag Program Stiffs Farmers, Pays Off Environmental Activists

A new three-year, $35 million plan by the U.S. Department of Agriculture will divert agricultural dollars away from farm production and toward environmental activist causes, USDA has announced.

Washington Gov. Inslee Denies Study's Low-Carbon Fuel Costs

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) sent a letter to state legislators taking issue with a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency study concluding a low-carbon fuel requirement would increase fuel costs.

Renewable Energy Mandates Barely Survive Colorado Vote

Colorado legislators representing predominantly urban and suburban areas narrowly defeated an effort by their rural counterparts to soften the state’s renewable power mandates.

Cayman Islands Coral Reefs Experiencing Dramatic Comeback

In a stunning example of the natural world’s remarkable ability to bounce back from ecological decline, the coral reefs surrounding Little Cayman Island in the Caribbean Sea—all but written off as

Biofuels Industry Fights to Preserve Subsidies, Guaranteed Market Share

Faced with the expiration of federal tax credits they deem essential to their industry, biofuels producers are lobbying Congress for new taxpayer subsidies.

Federal Wind Power Subsidies Expire, but Lobbyists Aren’t Giving Up

Congress allowed longstanding taxpayer subsidies to wind power companies to expire at the end of 2013, putting into doubt the long-term future of the lucrative subsidies.