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Texas Plans to Be 40th State to Apply for NCLB Waiver

Texas wants the federal government to release it from education policies originating with the state’s former governor: the state’s new education commissioner said he will request a No Child Left Be

Green Mountain Care Could Cost Vermonters Nearly $10 Billion a Year

A new report to Vermont lawmakers raises concerns about the costs of implementing Green Mountain Care, a proposed universal single-payer health care system for the state.

Banning Epinephrine Inhalers: FDA Making It Harder to Breathe

Asthmatics face a deadline of December 31, 2011 to switch from using epinephrine inhalers to other prescription treatment methods under an order from the Food and Drug Administration.

Nevada Develops Comprehensive Student Progress Tracking System

Nevada is implementing a new data system to track student progress over time and pinpoint the state’s best and worst teaching practices and teachers.

More Private Insurers Using Medicare Rates for Out-of-Network Payments

Patients may start having to pay more money out of pocket for health care if they do not pay attention to their insurers’ pricing policies.

Missouri Scraps Show-Me Health Insurance Exchange Act

All states are required under President Obama’s health care law to create a state health insurance exchange by 2014.