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Universal, Single-Payer Health Care Coming to Colorado?

Most state legislators around the nation are focusing on efforts either to implement or to resist President Obama’s health care law.

Corporations, Secret Money Pushing ObamaCare to Youth

President Obama may denounce secret money in politics, but his allies are not shy about pushing his agenda using corporate money and nonprofits who do not disclose their donors.

Future of ObamaCare Implementation in Idaho Unclear

With the reelection of President Obama, there will be no movement at the federal level to repeal the President’s health care law. For Idaho, a state where Republican Gov.

Florida Governor Stands Firm in Opposing ObamaCare

What is the future of ObamaCare in Florida now that President Obama is reelected? If Republican Gov. Rick Scott has his way, the state will continue to resist the president’s signature law.

Idaho Medicaid Expansion Questioned

Like their counterparts in other states across the country, Idaho policymakers are considering whether to expand Medicaid in line with the demands of President Obama’s health care law.

Idaho Governor Appoints Exchange Foe to Health Care Panel

Few states did more to resist President Obama’s health care law than Idaho. Now that the Supreme Court has ruled on the law’s constitutionality, state leaders are deciding what to do next.

Vermont Health Insurance Exchange Is Bridge to Single Payer

Unlike those in other states which have chosen to implement President Obama’s health care law, Vermont’s health insurance exchange isn’t expected to last long.

After Obamacare, What Does the Future Hold for Massachusetts’ Health Care Law?

Given the continuing unpopularity of the Affordable Care Act and the possibility of the Supreme Court ruling it unconstitutional later this year, some see an opportunity to do away with the health

As Court Considers Obama’s Law, Employers Brace for Decision

If the Supreme Court ultimately upholds President Obama’s law, within the next decade workers may find they face a very different health insurance landscape—one where millions of Americans lose the