Newspaper Articles – Loren Heal

Parents Camp Out, Risk Jail to Get Kids into Better Schools

Every year, parents across the country camp out and line up to get their kids into good schools. Some have even risked jail terms.

Colorado Teachers Flock to Gun Classes

At a free class this spring, more than 200 Colorado teachers became certified to carry a concealed weapon, but lawmakers turned down legislation to let them carry it in school.

School Districts Dump Common Core

Several school districts across the country have decided to dump national Common Core curriculum and testing mandates, use better standards, and share them with other districts.

Bill to Expand Florida Choice Advances

A bill to expand one of the nation’s largest school choice programs heads is under consideration the Florida House after passing a committee March 6.

Arizona School Choice Idea Spreads

Crystal Fox of Tempe, Arizona tried to keep her two special-needs children in public schools.

High-Achieving Charter Chain to Start Private Schools

One of the country’s most successful charter schools has decided to buck the trend and start private schools, rather than the more prevalent conversion of private into charter.

Kansas and Alaska to Write Their Own Common Core Tests

Kansas and Alaska independently decided to pull out of national Common Core tests and hire Kansas University’s Assessment & Achievement Institute to create their English language arts and math

Missouri Lawmakers May Take Choice from Desperate Students

Several Missouri lawmakers have proposed bills to change how students transfer among unaccredited and accredited schools in the academically dismal St. Louis school system.