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Obama's College Loan Initiative Another Bailout for the Privileged

President Barack Obama's decision to effectively bail out U.S.

Health Care Queue-Jumping Scandal Rocks Canadian Province

A health care scandal has erupted in the Canadian province of Alberta with allegations that Canadian politicians and other well-connected people are receiving preferred access to the health care

Election Does Not End Debate Over Maryland's Purple Line Rail Project

Debate continues in Maryland over a proposed new metro transit line to be jointly financed by the Old Line State and Washington, DC metro.

HSA-Based Reform Proposed as Post-ObamaCare Option

A Michigan physician, Dr.

Plains States Seek to Impose VoIP Tax

Both Kansas and Nebraska are seeking relief from a 2004 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule prohibiting the states from taxing voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) service providers.

State Attorneys General Lead Charge Against

Attorneys general from 21 states are putting pressure on to shut down its adult-services section, claiming the site is facilitating criminal behavior such as prostitution and human t