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Why Obamacare's Cost Control Efforts Aren't Working

In every field of endeavor, change is brought about by entrepreneurs. These are the creators. The innovators. They rarely stop thinking. The only question is: What are they thinking about?

What Does Uber Medicine Look Like?

Uber is completely revolutionizing the market for urban transportation.

How Much Is Medicaid Really Worth to Beneficiaries and Taxpayers?

One of the most important components of Obamacare is its expansion of Medicaid.

Medicare Rules, State Regulations Prevent Cost-Saving Innovations

Have you ever wondered why doctors are reluctant to talk to you on the phone?

People Aren’t Getting More Care or Better Care Under Obamacare

Some 14 million people are newly insured because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and millions of others have more generous insurance with promising new benefits.

Commentary: Two Cheers for Ryan Health Plan

On the eve of the Supreme Court hearing of King v. Burwell, three House Republican leaders—Paul Ryan (WI), John Kline (MN), and Fred Upton (MI)—unveiled an impor

The Fallacy of Replacing ObamaCare with Medicare-for-All

Now that the problems with implementing ObamaCare are becoming increasingly apparent, Progressives are touting “single payer” health insurance as a replacement for ObamaCare. 

ObamaCare Pushes Big Medical Practice Changes

The Affordable Care Act will have a profound influence on how doctors practice medicine; and the way hospitals care for patients.

ObamaCare Will Bring about a Two-Tiered Health Care System

President Obama’s health care law is supposed to insure 32 million additional people by this time next year.

Oregon Medicaid Study Devastating for ObamaCare Backers

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine was devastating for proponents of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion.