Newspaper Articles – John C. Goodman

The Fallacy of Replacing ObamaCare with Medicare-for-All

Now that the problems with implementing ObamaCare are becoming increasingly apparent, Progressives are touting “single payer” health insurance as a replacement for ObamaCare. 

ObamaCare Pushes Big Medical Practice Changes

The Affordable Care Act will have a profound influence on how doctors practice medicine; and the way hospitals care for patients.

ObamaCare Will Bring about a Two-Tiered Health Care System

President Obama’s health care law is supposed to insure 32 million additional people by this time next year.

Oregon Medicaid Study Devastating for ObamaCare Backers

A recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine was devastating for proponents of ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion.

Is Health Care Spending Good for the Economy?

The Obama administration is encouraging state governments to expand their Medicaid programs to access a pile of new federal funding.

Beware ‘Grand Bargain’ that Promises to Cut Spending in Return for Higher Taxes

The idea of a grand bargain is very much on the minds of Washington, DC insiders these days.

Personalized Medicine Requires Ending ObamaCare

We are entering the age of personalized medicine, where the therapy that’s best for you will be based on your physiology and genetic makeup—and may not be right for any other patient.

ObamaCare: How to Pay for Delay

Regardless of whether they are supporters or opponents of President Obama’s health care law. members of Congress will have to revisit the legislation soon to correct some serious flaws.

Should We Tax Food—or Fat?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s recent proposal to ban the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks has received national attention.