Newspaper Articles – Rachel Sheffield

Indiana Expands Voucher Program

So far, Indiana’s voucher program has provided private school scholarships only to families meeting certain income requirements. In May, Gov.

North Carolina Questions Common Core

North Carolina legislators have introduced a proposal that would require their state to examine national Common Core education standards.

South Dakota Common Core Rollback Fails

South Dakota state Rep. Jim Bolin, a retired teacher, introduced two bills to limit Common Core national education standards. Both failed by narrow votes in March.

Idaho Committee Quashes School Choice Measure

The Idaho House of Representatives approved its first private school choice proposal 35-33, only to have a Senate committee vote it down 7-2 in April.

Bipartisan Voucher Proposal Offered in North Carolina

A bipartisan pair of state representatives proposes replacing North Carolina’s existing tuition tax credits for special-needs children with a voucher plan for private school tuition.  

Study: Teacher Quality Not Linked to Advanced Degrees or Experience

An advanced degree and multiple years of teaching experience don’t necessarily make for a better teacher.

Bill Would Expand Georgia Education Tax Credits

Legislation pending in Georgia would raise the state’s tax-credit scholarship cap from $50 million to $80 million.

Students Can Get College Credit for Free Online Courses

College students may now be able to receive credit for free online courses known as MOOCs– “Massive Open Online Courses­.” In what could be a significant step toward greater student access and

New Hampshire School Choice Faces Repeal

The New Hampshire legislature voted its first private school choice program into law in 2011, but a new majority in the state House of Representatives may now repeal it.

States Reduce Focus on Social Studies, Civics

All 50 states have social studies standards, but only 21 test students on the topic and nine require students to pass them to graduate, according to a new Tufts University analysis of state K-12 ci