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Health Care's Free Market Supporters

The letters section of the Wall Street Journal is one of my favorite things to read.

Obamacare Auto-Renewal Plan Could Cause Costs to Soar

A significant problem looms for the Affordable Care Act when the next open enrollment period begins in November, according to many health care experts and media accounts.

Surprise, Electronic Health Records Aren't Saving Money or Time

One of the things favored by supporters of government-directed medical care is electronic health records.

Obamacare Web Sites Still in Trouble

I ran across this article today on the Vermont Watchdog site, describing the serious problems that still exist with that state's Obamacare exchange.

Congressman: Privatize Some Veterans Health Services

In light of numerous recent problems uncovered at the Veterans Heath Administration, including fatalities while veterans await care, a medical doctor and House member is calling for the government

Sacramento Keeps NBA’s Kings, But Gives Up Hundreds of Millions of $$$

The Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association have a new billionaire team owner, and that billionaire will have a new stadium for his team, courtesy of local taxpayers.

Chicago Suburb Borrows Millions to Repay Stadium Debt

Saddled with debt payments after sinking $135 million into the construction of a soccer stadium, the Chicago-area suburb of Bridgeview recently had to borrow an additional $27 million to cover requ

Small Town Gets Big-League Debt with Stadium Deal

While large cities tend to receive attention for big-league deals giving tax money to build stadiums for pro sports teams, small towns have also been stepping up to the plate to lure minor-league o

Minnesota to Send Nearly $500 Million to Billionaire Team Owners

Nearly $500 million in taxpayer subsidies will go to a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.