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Could Republicans Kill Obamacare with 51 Votes?

Good news for those of us who would like to see Obamacare replaced with something based on free markets and that will, well, work: Senate Minority Leader Mitch Mc

Value of New Nutritional Labels Questioned

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed an update to nutritional labels on food that it claims will help consumers maintain healthy dietary practices.

Is Obamacare 'Medicaid for All'?

I've occassionally made the point that one sign of just how poor the access to care is for people on Medicaid is the fact that while you often hear fans of government-run health care advocate 'Medi

Vermont Governor Seeks Control of Medicare

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin (D) and members of his administration travelled to Washington DC to meet with U.S.

Costs Will Rise as Another Obamacare Feature Kicks In

Looks like another mistaken assumption by the authors of Obamacare and other devotees of government-run health care is being exposed.

What Women Want - Healthcare Version

Some time ago I recall making that point to some friends in the health policy community that politically-viable major health care reform that is based on markets instead of central planning would f

'Self-referral' Problem Can Be Solved by Self-Pay

Today's Wall Street Journal has an article regarding a chain of cancer clinics that may be overutilizing a particular test for their patients, a test that offers a generous reimbursement f

Obamacare and hospital-acquired infections

Kaiser Health News had a very interesting article yesterday basically making the case that hospitals aren't generally very good at dealing with routine infections, and so it probably shouldn't be t

Medicaid Expansion Increases ER Visits

One of the many promised benefits of expanded Medicaid coverage, according to advocates of the Affordable Care Act, was a reduction in emergency room visits.

Medical Licensure & Brain Surgery

On Tuesday the U.S.