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Where to Follow King v. Burwell At

Oral arguments in King v.

Republican Plan for King Decision Offered

This weekend, Senators Lamar Alexander, John Barrasso, and Orrin Hatch took to the pages of the Washington Post to announce they have a plan for what to do if the U.S.

Where Are the 'Young Invincibles'?

I've followed Obamacare in Rhode Island for a few years now, in large part because of my affiliation with a terrific free-market think tank there, the

Medicaid Expansion Dead in Utah?

It looks like Utah Governor Gary Herbert's Medicaid expansion is dead. From an AP report carried by the Baltimore Sun:

Obama Administration Prepared for Adverse King Ruling, Despite Statements to Contrary

The Obama administration is apparently claiming they have no plan in the event the U.S. Supreme Court rules in King v.

Audit Details ‘Seriously Flawed’ Rollout Minnesota Exchange

In a detailed report to the Minnesota state Legislature, auditors said the state’s health insurance exchange, known as MNsure, was riddled with mistakes and failures during its rollout.

Obamacare's Meager 'Success'

This morning Gallup released poll results showing the uninsured rate in the U.S. dropped to the lowest level in seven years, with a good deal of the credit presumably going to Obamacare.

Dr. Aaron Carroll on Patient 'Demands'

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If Leftists Ran Insurance Companies...

I've occasionally had the thought that it would be entertaining and informative to produce a 'reality' television show featuring young leftists of the Occupy Wall Street variety trying to run a ret