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Congressman: Privatize Some Veterans Health Services

In light of numerous recent problems uncovered at the Veterans Heath Administration, including fatalities while veterans await care, a medical doctor and House member is calling for the government

Sacramento Keeps NBA’s Kings, But Gives Up Hundreds of Millions of $$$

The Sacramento Kings of the National Basketball Association have a new billionaire team owner, and that billionaire will have a new stadium for his team, courtesy of local taxpayers.

Chicago Suburb Borrows Millions to Repay Stadium Debt

Saddled with debt payments after sinking $135 million into the construction of a soccer stadium, the Chicago-area suburb of Bridgeview recently had to borrow an additional $27 million to cover requ

Small Town Gets Big-League Debt with Stadium Deal

While large cities tend to receive attention for big-league deals giving tax money to build stadiums for pro sports teams, small towns have also been stepping up to the plate to lure minor-league o

Minnesota to Send Nearly $500 Million to Billionaire Team Owners

Nearly $500 million in taxpayer subsidies will go to a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League.

St. Louis Taxpayers to Vote on Rams Stadium Plan, Pols Promise

Pro football’s St. Louis Rams have rejected a proposal by the St.

Cash-Strapped Connecticut Gave $26 Million to Candidates in 2010

The state of Connecticut poured $26.1 million of taxpayer dollars into the campaigns of candidates for governor, state legislator, and other statewide offices in 2010, according to the Yankee Insti

Republican Presidential Candidates Agree: Kill the ‘Death Tax’

As candidates for the 2012 Republican nomination spar over differences on health care policy, job growth, and the war on terror, a consensus has emerged on at least one issue: repeal of the federal