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Medical Procedure "Prices" in the News

I've gotten to know a lot about medical prices over the past few years after writing a book,

Obamacare Enrollment Stuck in Neutral in Rhode Island

Rhode Island officials predicted in 2013 up to 100,000 Ocean State residents would use the state-based exchange established under the Affordable Care Act to buy health insurance.

Choice and Competition On California's Exchange

One of the things proponents of Obamacare have touted is that the law supposedly brings competition and choice to the health insuance market. Today I ran across two articles. Here's the first:

Obamacare Co-Op Goes Belly-Up in Iowa, Nebraska

One of the things to come out of Obamacare were so-called 'Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans,' or Co-Ops as they are more often called.

CLASSy Reminder of Early Obamacare Failure

Chris Jacobs is policy director for America Next, a conservative think tank, and works a lot on health care issues.

Biosimilars Coming to the Market?

The use of generic medicines has dramatically reduced the cost of prescription drugs in this country.

Was the Drop in Uninsured Almost All Medicaid Expansion?

One of the things I've been saying for a while is that when the dust clears and Obamacare is fully implemented, it's probably going to look an awful lot like a massive Medicaid expansion with a mod

Obamacare "Success" Needs Closer Look

The New York Times today reports that the number of uninsured people in the U.S.

Recrimination in Vermont

Yesterday I had kind words to say about Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin and his decision in early 2014 to show leadership instead of political opportunism in devoting his entire State of the State a

Shumlin Leads

Praise for Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin from anyone connected to The Heartland Institute is probably not very common.