Newspaper Articles – Sally Nelson

Utah Senator Proposes Private Preschool Funding

A Utah state senator is proposing to let private investors put up $10 million dollars to fund more preschool for “at-risk” students eligible for special education.

San Antonio Mayor Proposes Tax for More Pre-K

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro has proposed increasing the city’s sales tax to 8.25 percent to expand government-sponsored pre-kindergarten.

New Hampshire Overrides Governor’s Veto, Passes Statewide School Choice

New Hampshire’s legislature overwhelmingly overrode Gov. John Lynch’s veto to make it the eleventh state to create tax-credit scholarships allowing families to choose their child’s K12 school.

New Jersey Legislature Sends Tenure Bill to Gov. Christie

The New Jersey General Assembly unanimously approved legislation to reform teacher tenure after almost two years of debate.

Pennsylvania Lawmaker Merges Voucher, Tax Credit Legislation

Pennsylvania lawmakers are merging previous school vouchers and tax credit scholarship legislation to provide more options, especially to students in the worst 15 percent of public schools.

Minerva Project Aims to Reinvent Elite Higher Education

Ben Nelson is trying to create the next Ivy League university—online.

Many High Schools Offer Poor Curriculum, Report Says

Many high schools do not offer sufficiently rigorous curricula to graduate college- or career-ready students, a new report by Center for Public Education concludes.

Michigan Law Prohibits Schools from Deducting Union Dues

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill to prevent public schools from automatically deducting union dues from employee paychecks.

West Virginia Considers Alternative Certification to Address Teacher Shortage

West Virginia lawmakers are working to pass bills that address teacher shortages by creating alternative paths to teacher certification.

State Lawmakers Push Third-Grade Retention Policies

Lawmakers in multiple states are considering legislation that would mandate holding back third-grade students who cannot pass state literacy tests.