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Moody’s Report: ‘Time to Wind Down Fannie and Freddie’

Moody’s Investors Service says it is "time to wind down" Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Regulations Stifling Banking Industry, Fed Official Says

Banking industry regulations have grown in number and complexity since the 2007 financial crisis, but the new regulations might not solve financial stability problems and could reduce the competiti

Many Lenders Were Ahead of New Mortgage Rules

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new qualified mortgage stipulations, including the “ability-to-repay” rule, went into effect January 10, legally putting into effect some of the requireme

Convention Center Expansions Put Taxpayers on the Hook

As convention planners seek to have large new hotels and related facilities built for their events, taxpayers are often stuck footing the bill for what could be a building that sits empty much of t

States Mull New Taxes, Fees on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Owners of hybrid and electric vehicles likely will face new taxes or fees to replace the savings they enjoy from paying less in gasoline taxes (if they drive a hybrid) or nothing (if they drive a f

IRS Taxpayer Advocate Calls for Simpler Tax Code

As taxpayers enter crunch time to hit the April 15 income tax filing deadline, many of them likely agree the federal government’s four-million-word tax code is too long and complex.

Big Banks See Big Profits, But Banking Industry Worries Remain

Major banks recently reported their best year since 2006, but bankers worry about future economic and regulatory conditions.

Chicago Mayor Warns of Huge Pension Shortfall

The City of Chicago needs $1.5 billion a year beginning in 2016 to shore up its pensions for municipal workers across police, fire, water, and other municipal departments as well as for elected off

Banking Risks Reflected in Moody’s Downgrades

Credit ratings agency Moody’s Investors Service recently downgraded the ratings of 15 major banks in a move that was expected to harm the financial results of these institutions.