Newspaper Articles – Vicki Alger

Oklahoma Legislature Fails to Pass ESA Program

The Oklahoma Education Savings Account Act, coauthored by state Rep. Jason Nelson (R-Oklahoma City) and state Sen.

Task Force to Tackle Kansas School Efficiency

Sam Brownback is the latest Kansas governor to establish a schools efficiency task force. He may be the only one to have prompted a dueling task force from offended school board members.

Future Uncertain for New Hampshire Charter Schools

New Hampshire’s board of education said it will not approve new charter schools until the legislature sends them more money, and the results of November’s elections mean that may be difficult in th

By Wide Margins, Voters Dump Three Idaho Education Laws

Idaho voters overturned three education reform laws in November’s elections, sending Republican lawmakers back to the drawing board over online learning, teacher evaluations, and merit pay.

Idaho Grandparents Challenge Fees for 'Free' Public Schools

A group of grandparents is suing Idaho and all its school districts over a fees these charge their grandchildren to attend “free, common schools.” Leading the charge is Russ Joki, an Idaho superint

Idahoans Challenge Fees for ‘Free’ Public Schools [short]

More than 280,000 students and their guardians are suing Idaho and all its school districts for charging kids fees to attend “free, common schools.” Former Idaho superintendent Russ Joki is leading

Reform Referendum Heats Up in Idaho

Idaho voters will decide on November 6 whether three education reform laws will stay on the books.

70 Percent of U.S. Voters Support Parent Trigger Laws

Two national polls both found 70 percent of U.S. voters support Parent Trigger laws, which give a majority of parents the power to require improvements at their children’s failing schools.

Unions Block Evaluations as Fewer NYC Teachers Receive Tenure

Just 55 percent of New York City teachers completing their three-year probationary periods earned tenure in 2012, compared with 97 percent in 2007.

Chicago to Hire More Teachers During Budget Crisis

Removing a major obstacle during contentious contract talks, Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Teachers Union reached an agreement to lengthen students’ school day without lengthening most tea