Newspaper Articles – Taylor Smith

New Law Means Pennsylvania CO2 Regulations Will Require Legislative Approval

Pennsylvania law now requires state legislature approval of any state-developed carbon-dioxide reduction plan before it is submitted to the U.S.

Washington Senate Reexamines Solar Power Incentives

The Washington Senate Energy, Environment & Telecommunications Committee held a January 30 session to examine federal, state, and local incentives given to the solar power industry.

Report: No Warming Danger to Oceans and Hydrosphere

Some global warming activists argue global warming may disrupt the hydrosphere, comprising all of the water on Earth and in its atmosphere.

White House's Social Cost of Carbon Estimates Questioned

The Obama administration has quietly increased the federal government’s estimated social costs for carbon emissions, which are a major factor in federal government decisions regarding land developm

Minnesota Implements Solar Power Mandate

Minnesota residents will have to purchase 1.5 percent of their electricity from expensive solar power under legislation signed by Gov. Mark Dayton.

Michigan Governor Seeks to Raise Renewable Energy Mandate

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder announced he wants to increase the state’s renewable energy mandate, a 2008 law that requires utilities to produce at least 10 percent of their electricity from renewa

James Taylor to Discuss Renewable Power in Ohio

Heartland Institute senior fellow James M. Taylor will be testifying about renewable power mandates today in the Ohio Senate.

Kansas House Committee Considers Softening Renewable Mandates

The Kansas House of Representatives Energy and Environment Committee held hearings Feb.

Industry and Environmental Groups Compromise on Illinois Fracking Bill

Two Illinois legislators have introduced what they call a compromise bill to regulate hydraulic fracturing in the state.