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North Dakota Lawmakers Reject Tobacco Tax Hike

The North Dakota House of Representatives has rejected a bill to raise taxes on tobacco from $0.44 per pack to $1.54 per pack.

Illinois Legislators Resume Work on Student Privacy Reform

One headline among the many circulating online recently about an anti-cyberbullying law, which went into effect January 1, 2015, reads,

Entitlement Cost Explosion Drives Alabama Budget Shortfalls

The state of Alabama is projecting a $265 million deficit this year, caused primarily by ballooning costs for entitlement programs such as Medicaid. 

For-Profit Charters Under Unfair Attack, Defenders Say

Bob Fayfich estimates fewer than 2 percent of the 176 charter schools in Pennsylvania have for-profit companies hired to run the nonprofit charter schools.

Washington Taxpayers Socked by ‘Volatile’ New Tax Hike Plan

Washington governor Jay Inslee’s proposed increases overall state spending by 16 percent, which he plans to fund with a sharp tax hike in the state’s capital gains tax.

FDA Considers Modernizing Information Sharing Rules

Colorado Rep. Diana DeGette (D) is urging the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to recognize the importance of Internet communication in drug research.

Charter School Growth Continues

In the past 20 years, charter schools have emerged in the United States and challenged their traditional public school counterparts as a different and sometimes better way to educate children, espe

Arizona Charters Grow in Numbers, Show Accountability

Charter schools in Arizona started 20 years ago in old school buildings, strip malls, and church basements, and they were different from their traditional counterparts from the start.

Georgia Debates Gas Tax Hike, Transportation Infrastructure Needs

In December 2014, Georgia state officials and infrastructure consultants met at an annual industry conference in Athens to discuss mounting transportation problems in the Peach State.

States Struggle To Fund Exchanges

When the Affordable Care Act was first rolled out, the federal government awarded grants totaling $1.2 billion to assist the 14 states and Washington, DC to help them set up state-based health insu