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Michigan Lawmaker Proposes Using School Buses for Traffic Enforcement

A Michigan lawmaker has proposed a bill that would allow Detroit government school buses to serve as mobile traffic enforcement cameras, which he says will help boost revenue for

AltSchool Private School Network Expands to Chicago

A network of small private schools called AltSchool, founded by a former Google executive, is expanding to Chicago in fall 2017.

New York State Superintendent Imposes Collective Bargaining Changes in Buffalo

The head of the State of New York’s school system has taken action under a new state law allowing her to impose a superintendent’s proposed revisions to a collective bargaining co

New York City Mayor Files Amicus Brief in Teachers Union Case

In an attempt to thwart what would be a devastating U.S.

Michigan Gov. Proposes Bailout of Struggling Detroit Schools

Two years after the City of Detroit went through a highly publicized bankruptcy, Michigan’s governor is proposing a $715 million bailout of the troubled Detroit Public Schools (DP

Washington State Supreme Court Rules Against Funding Charters

On September 4, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled by a 6–3 vote public charter schools are not eligible for state funding.

Officials, Education Advocates Grapple with Improving Detroit Public Schools

There’s no shortage of plans on how to fix Detroit Public Schools (DPS), which Michigan Gov.

House of Representatives Votes to Reauthorize Charter School Funding

An important part of the funding for Washington, DC’s charter school system cleared an obstacle when the U.S.

National Education Association Calls for Fight Against Income Inequality

The National Education Association’s (NEA) top union executives have claimed to take a stand against “income inequality” over the past few years.

NEA Supports Leftist Candidates, Causes, Ignoring Conservative Members’ Concerns

The National Education Association (NEA) donates large sums of money to several left-leaning organizations even while a large proportion of its members identify themselves as cons