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Union Organizes Home Health Workers in Minnesota

When the Service Employees International Union in Minnesota announced its victory in unionizing 27,000 home health care workers in August, it celebrated under a rapidly changing political environme

Private Toll Roads Present Better Options for States’ Consumers, Budgets

As some states look more and more at toll roads as a solution to paying for neglected highways, one transportation export is warning about using toll roads as “cash cows.” Instead, other states are

Study: ‘Cash for Clunkers’ Reduced Spending

The Obama administration has hailed the“cash-for-clunkers” stimulus program for its part in the automobile industry recovery.

Detroit Backs Pension Cuts; Some Say New Retirement System Is Needed

When the City of Detroit’s employees and retirees approved a plan in late July to cut benefits to their pension as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr lauded the deal as

State Hands Detroit $195 Million; Pensions Remain Big Bankruptcy Issue

The $195 million bailout of bankrupt Detroit that Michigan legislators approved in June prevented steeper cuts to the city’s pensions but does little to solve longstanding pension problems.

Michigan Legislator Wants to Legalize Ticket ‘Scalping’

For Tim Kelly, the principle is simple: If someone buys a ticket to an event, it’s up to that person what to do with it.

Bill to Force Florida Brewers to Buy Their Own Beer Falls Flat

A bill in Florida that would make small brewers sell their own bottled or canned beer to distributors and then buy it back even though the beer would never leave the premises created a national sti

Dispute Rising Over Credit Union Tax Exemption

Keith Leggett doesn’t dispute credit unions should be allowed tax-exempt status to serve people of modest means.

Texas Joins Growing Number of States to Welcome Captive Insurers

For many years most states banned captive insurance companies, but now they are becoming increasingly popular and even used as tools of economic development.