Newspaper Articles – Tom Gantert

Bill Would Force Florida Brewers to Pay Distributors for Their Own Beer

A bill in Florida that would make small brewers sell their own bottled or canned beer to distributors and then buy it back even though the beer would never leave the premises has created a national

Dispute Rising Over Credit Union Tax Exemption

Keith Leggett doesn’t dispute credit unions should be allowed tax-exempt status to serve people of modest means.

Texas Joins Growing Number of States to Welcome Captive Insurers

For many years most states banned captive insurance companies, but now they are becoming increasingly popular and even used as tools of economic development.

Michigan Bill Says No Credit Score Should Be No Factor In Insurance Discounts

The use of credit scores for insurance purposes has been a controversy for years in Michigan.

How Much Has Detroit’s Police Force Been Cut? No One Knows

Soon after the city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy, many blogs and news sites began running "facts" about the city.

Government Report Shows Little Return from Michigan’s Film Incentives

In 2009, a year after signing the nation's most lucrative film incentive program, then- Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) of Michigan touted the jobs it would create.

San Francisco Steps Up Transit Surveillance

San Francisco’s Municipal Transit Authority has announced it will deploy 288 surveillance cameras equipped with special software to monitor suspicious behavior in the city’s buses, trains, and 12 t