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The Highs and Lows of Increasing Kids’ Time in School

As most kids head back to school this August, they may find others have never left. More children are in school year-round, or before- and after-hours, or get shorter summer breaks.

Study Finds ‘Troubling’ Lack of U.S. History Knowledge

Comedian Jay Leno periodically devotes a few minutes of his TV show to “jaywalking” segments, where he and his camera crew take to the streets and quiz passersby about basic historical facts.

United Kingdom Pursues Scattering of Rigorous, Free-Market Education Reforms

To the dismay of United Kingdom teachers’ unions, this school year 600,000 British students will be tested on basic grammar and writing. Controversy Highlights Democratic Party Split Over Education recently dropped two education reform groups from its list of clientele soon after one posted a petition challenging the Chicago Teacher’s Union on the popular progressive website.