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Arkansas Replacing Common Core Tests with ACTs

Evelyn B. Stacey coauthored this article.

Parent Opposition Slims Student Data Collection

After months of parent protests, Colorado’s Department of Education ended its contract with controversial technology organization inBloom in November, shortly after J

USDOE to Promote ObamaCare

It took U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan three months to respond to several letters from Republican U.S. senators asking for details of his department’s involvement in promoting ObamaCare.

USDOE to Help Sell ObamaCare, Dismisses Senate Inquiries

U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has yet to respond to several letters from Republican senators asking for details on his department’s involvement in promoting ObamaCare, according to Sen.

Louisiana Sets New Course for High School Classes

Louisiana is pioneering a new way to conduct high school classes, and it’s so popular state leaders are scrambling to keep up with demand.

South Carolina Tries School Choice

South Carolina has a new, temporary school choice law tucked within its recently passed state budget.

ObamaCare Costs Hit School Districts, Employees

School districts across the country are digging through the details to see how the Affordable Care Act, known as ObamaCare, will impact their budgets starting January 1, 2014.

Pearson-Taught Students May Be Getting an Unfair Testing Advantage

The largest education company in the world put reading passages from its new Common Core-aligned curriculum in the sixth- and eighth-grade tests it administered in New York, prompting concerns that

States Explore Alternatives to Standardized Testing

Online schools, mobile technology, and independent students are beginning to bring promising innovations to the heart of modern education: Standardized testing.