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North Carolina Lawmakers Allow Waiting Kids to Enter Choice Program

When the North Carolina legislature approved a budget allocating more money for a new school voucher program in late July, it answered one mom’s prayer.

Parents’ Concerns About Unsecured Student Data Grow

Students at many public schools are having personal data collected, stored and distributed to third parties without their parents’ knowledge.

The Numbers Say Philadelphia Is In No Danger of 40-Student Classes

Philadelphia school and city officials say the district will be forced to lay off teachers and possibly grow class sizes as large as 40 when students return in September, unless the state and city

Teachers Union Sues to Stop Florida Choice Expansion

A lawsuit from a Florida union would eliminate school choice for many low-income students and effectively kill a program to help students with autism and other special needs.

Private Schools Can Learn from Charters, Report Says

While private schools—in particular, Catholic schools—have seen an enrollment decline in recent years, the Catholic school network Cristo Rey<

Unions to Appeal California Court Decision Against Teacher Tenure

The California Teachers Association has announced plans to appeal a June 10 court decision that struck down teacher tenure statutes and concluded teachers union rules send the worst teachers to the

Only One-Quarter of Teacher Prep Programs Rate High On New Report

A week after a California judge ruled on a case involving teacher tenure, dismissals, and layoffs, the National Council for Teach

Judge Lets 2,400 North Carolina Kids Attend Choice Schools

More than 2,000 low-income North Carolina parents will be able to send their children to the schools of their choice after all, thanks to the state’s Supreme Court.

Civil Liberties Organization Sues to Overturn Anti-bullying Law

If a Jewish student refers to the Holocaust and says the German Nazis were evil, and a German student overhears, should the Jewish student be punished for bullying?