Newspaper Articles – Mary C. Tillotson

Arizona Supreme Court Allows 'Vouchers 2.0'

Arizona’s highest court has effectively ruled in favor of the state’s innovative education savings accounts, allowing hundreds of students access to a flexible, tailored education.

Judge Blocks NC’s New Vouchers

Some 4,000 North Carolina families must wait for the courts to untangle a legal challenge involving the state’s voucher program before they’ll know what schools their children can attend

Vermont Lawmakers Try to Quash Independent Schools

A bill that could have cramped the independence of Vermont’s independent schools has been set aside, at least for now.

Arizona to Consider Four Bills Expanding School Choice

With at least four school-choice bills likely on the table this session, Arizona families could see more options in education in the next school year.

School Choice Educates Kids—and Parents

One of the greatest challenges for school choice proponents is simply educating parents that they have a choice.

Parents Better at Holding Schools Accountable than Tests, Study Says

Low-income and minority parents are good consumers of private schools, capable of holding those schools accountable without mandated testing, said Ben Scafidi, who co-authored a study showing

Temporary Scholarships Could Lift South Carolina Special-Needs School

Gillian Barclay-Smith, headmaster at a South Carolina school for special-needs students, wanted to be done with administrative work.

New Center Focuses on Special-Needs Charter Students

After 20 years studying special education in charter schools, Lauren Morando Rhim saw little progress.

Legal Nonprofit to Fight Federal Grab at Louisiana Vouchers

The Goldwater Institute has appealed a court ruling that would let the federal government regulate a 

Washington Charter Opponents Turn to Lawsuit

The first-ever charter school law in Washington state has come under fire from a coalition arguing the voter-approved measure is unconstitutional.