Newspaper Articles – David L. Applegate

It’s Only Natural – to Sue People

Long-time followers of abusive lawsuits may recall

Elevated Concern

When James and Tricia Keene hired Brint Construction in 2011 to build a vacation home for them in the Galveston County, Texas, neighborhood of Crystal Beach, they decided $20,000 was too much to pa

Nothing Is Constant But Change

We reported last fortnight on the case of Florida lawyer Scott Weiselberg, who decided to rent the Adam Sandler film “Big Daddy” on his iPhone in 2010 but downloaded the high-definition version of

Stairway to Heaven?

First, you can sing in the church choir when the lights flicker on and off.

How Many Ways Can You Slip and Fall? Let Us Count Them …

Just as “ambulance chaser” has become a common, if pejorative, shorthand for a plaintiff’s personal injury lawyer, so “slip and fall” is shorthand for a common kind of personal injury suit, albeit

Unwelcome Guest

Another disappointed awards program member is David M.

Miles to Go Before I Sue

Another disappointed airline customer is Hongbo Han, who was distressed enough to learn he is not getting full

What a Bad Trip!

On the other hand, sometimes maybe even the courts can’t grant enough relief.

Nothing to Snicker About

“De minimis non curat lex”

There’s No Prison Like Home

Finally, in far-off Whangarei, New Zealand, a 19-year-old man who was “sick of playing Xbox” while on home detention has been granted his wish to serve the rest of his sentence in jail.