Newspaper Articles – Isabel Lyman

Vocational Training Center Rolls Into Northern Michigan

The “Fab Lab,” a 44-foot trailer, is North Central Michigan College’s latest acquisition.

Oklahoma to Consider Another Common Core Repeal Bill

A bill filed a few weeks after statewide hearings on national academic standards would require the Oklahoma State Board of Education “to remove alignment with the K-12 Common Core State Standards I

Ohio Lawmakers Consider Homeschooler Property Tax Credit

Parents of homeschooled children will pay less in property taxes if a novel bill passes in Ohio.

Rubio Champions Federal School Choice Bill

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio has gone on the road to promote a federal tax-credit scholarship bill aimed at helping poor children attend private schools.

Georgia Charters Create Alternative Teacher Pipeline

Georgia charter schools have started their own first-in-the nation teacher certification program that is already inspiring charters in other states. 

Arkansas Decides to Study, Not Pass, School Vouchers

The Arkansas House Education Committee voted to have an interim committee study a school voucher bill rather than pass it directly.

Not Your Father’s Vocational Education

Joe Beach, a young Michigan dad and avid hunter, has no regrets about taking automotive technology courses while attending Petoskey High School.

South Carolina Legislator Champions Education Tax Deductions

A South Carolina lawmaker has introduced a school choice bill that would give parents a $4,000 tax deduction per year for each child they send to independent schools, a $1,000 tax deduction for tho

Study: Boys with Equal Ability Get Lower Grades Than Girls

Girls get higher grades because they are less trouble in class, a new study has found.

Study: Homeschoolers Happier, Better-Adjusted in College

The nation’s approximately two million homeschoolers, whom others frequently scrutinize and even stigmatize as socially inept, are better adjusted emotionally in college than their non-homeschooled