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Heartland Daily Podcast: A Modern Vision of the FCC- Scott Cleland

In this podcast,  The Heartland Institute Director of Communications, Jim Lakely and Senio

Are Google Glass’ Recordings Illegal Wiretapping Too? -- Part 19 Google Spying Series

Google Glass’ easy eavesdropping on people may be illegal wiretapping.

FCC’s Special Access Delay of its IP Transition

FCC staff just muffed an easy opportunity to advance the IP transition on the FCC’s timetable in the National Broadband Plan.

Why Chairmen Upton and Walden Plan a Communications Act Update

The most modern part of America’s economy has the most obsolete law.

FCC Shouldn’t Pick Wireless Technologies

Some wireless competitors and the 

Dial-up Rules for the Broadband Age?

Eventually the truth comes out. The call for net neutrality is really a call for a return to monopoly common carrier regulation for broadband networks.

Real vs. Contrived “Modern” FCC Policy Thinking – Part 20 Obsolete Communications Law Series

Just like the wisdom that one cannot make a silk purse from a sow’s ear; one cannot make “modern” FCC policy from obsolete communications law.

Google’s Faux Outrage over NSA Spying – Part 17 Google Spying Series

Big Brother Inc. Google is outraged at Big Brother NSA?

The Modern FCC Competition-Policy Linchpin

When will the FCC acknowledge the obvious?

Arbitrary Spectrum Policy

The  FCC is picking market winners and losers again.