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Minnesota Biobank Bill Threatens Genetic Privacy

Do you own your DNA? Not if you live in Minnesota.

Enforce Infant DNA Privacy Law, Minnesotans Tell Governor

Citizens across Minnesota are calling on Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) to enforce a state law opposing the warehousing of newborn blood and DNA without informed, written parental consent.

Minnesotans Polled on Government-Run Health Care

On January 12, the Minnesota Citizens Forum on Health Care Costs released a draft report of findings it reached after a telephone survey of Minnesota residents.

'Best Practices' Provoke Controversy, Opposition

The notion of “best practices” is an emerging concept in health care policy and practice. Exactly what it means and how it will affect patient care are open to debate.

GAO Study Warns Privacy Protections Are Weak

Personal data in the federal government may not be adequately protected from collection, use, and disclosure, according to a report released on July 30 by the United States General Accounting Offic

Doctors Long for Simple Care, Too

Let's not kid ourselves. Becoming a physician today requires more than altruism. It requires courage.