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Obamacare Tax Another $100 Billion Hit to Businesses, Consumers

As President Obama did his victory dance Tuesday amid better-than-expected (reported) enrollment in his namesake Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance tax looms in the shadows.

Audit Says Philly’s Economic Development Program Performs Poorly

Dotted across Philadelphia are nearly 3,000 acres where businesses get a free pass on paying state and local taxes.

Federal Fee Driving Thousands of Freight Brokers Out of Business

Americans fork over $1.75 trillion each year to comply with federal regulations, according to estimates from the Small Business Administration O

‘It’s Your Money’: Wisconsin Governor Pushes $800 Million Tax Cut

He’s the architect of the Badger State’s budget recovery, and in January Gov. Scott Walker (R) laid out his “Blueprint for Prosperity.”

Wisconsin Okays Property Tax Relief Measure

Assembly Democrats in Wisconsin were feeling rejected—again—after Republicans dismissed their version of property tax relief, just before the GOP’s $100-million property tax cut plan passed in the

Bill Would Require Milwaukee to Sell Vacant Schools

MADISON — Vacant Milwaukee public school buildings would sit idle no more under a bill proposed by two Milwaukee-area lawmakers.

Milwaukee Stonewalling Building Sales to Choice Schools, Law Firm Says

MADISON – The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty rates the City of Milwaukee a failure for its policy of giving&nbsp

Wisconsin Inmates Collect $616K in Unemployment Benefits

Who says you can’t collect unemployment in prison? The law.

IRS’s Auditor Slams the Agency for Credit Card Practices

Dogged by accusations of partisanship and lavish spending, the Internal Revenue Service is under fire again for questionable credit card expenses, including $140 per-guest dinners.

Milwaukee to Voucher Schools: No Sale

MADISON – In January 2011, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett begged the state senate for legislation that would transfer control of vacant Milwaukee Public Schools real estate to the city of Milwaukee.