Newspaper Articles – R.J. Lehmann

$20,000 Flood Premiums? If True, They’re Signaling Big Risks

Recent news reports on the roll-out of reforms to the National Flood Insurance Program have focused on astronomical increases in rates faced by some home and business owners.

NC Auto Insurance System: Good for Insurers, Bad for Consumers

North Carolina’s automobile insurance system makes it literally impossible for insurers to lose money.

Report Suggests More Credit Union Lending for Small Businesses

Small business owners create most new jobs in the United States, but they’re struggling to hire more people, in part because of a lack of access to credit.

Crop Insurance Making Millionaires—with Taxpayer Money

“Everyone in here is a millionaire” declares “Grandpa” Straub, a farmer from Fairbury, Illinois who serves as the star of a recent edition of National Public Radio’s Planet Money podcast.<