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Obamacare Insurance Tax Will Hit State Budgets

Thirty-six states that rely on private managed-care programs to provide medical services to all or some of their Medicaid recipients are facing added costs caused by the Affordable Care Act, accord

ObamaCare Is Turning Us Into a Part-Time Nation

The Obama administration continues to discount the huge impact its health overhaul law is having in turning the United States into a nation of part-time workers, calling reports anecdotal and not b

Wegmans to Cut Health Insurance Plans, Send Part-Timers to Government Exchanges

The popular Wegmans grocery chain is cutting health benefits for its part-time employees and plans to send them to President Obama’s health insurance exchanges where they may get more generous bene

The IRS and Obamacare: A Dangerous Combination

Americans already are fearful and confused about the sweeping changes that ObamaCare will inflict, and the widening IRS scandal deepens concerns about the agency’s major role in implementing and en

Preexisting Condition Troubles Illustrate ObamaCare’s Flaws

An early ObamaCare health insurance program that has been operating for nearly three years is foreshadowing big problems to come with the larger health overhaul law.

ObamaCare Battlefront Shifts to the States

Throughout the debate over ObamaCare—and back to HillaryCare and beyond—the fundamental question in health reform has always been this: Who will control our choices—government or individuals? 

In The Fight At The Fiscal Cliff, Don't Throw The Valuables Over The Side

While Washington political leaders are clashing at the edge of the Fiscal

Obama’s Law Is Poised to Hurt Those It Was Supposed to Help

Americans will soon find President Obama’s health care law hurts those who need health security the most: the poor, sick, and elderly.

How Obamacare Hurts the Most Vulnerable

One of the most tragic failings of ObamaCare is that it will make it harder for many of the most vulnerable citizens—patients with no option but Medicaid—to get care.

Top Priority After Obamacare: Fix Medicaid

President Obama’s health care law could soon be struck down by the Supreme Court, or voters could finish the job in November.