Newspaper Articles – Kathlyn Shirley

Oklahoma May Become Second State to Offer Education Savings Accounts

Oklahoma lawmakers have proposed legislation which would create education savings accounts for students in low-income families, with special needs, or in military families.

Advocates Discuss How to Stop Charters from Cannibalizing Private Schools

Charter and private school advocates met recently to discuss research and anecdotal evidence on whether charter schools reduce school choice by siphoning off private school students.

Teacher of the Year Earns Less than 25,000 Coworkers

The 2013 National Teacher of the Year, a science teacher, earns less than 25,000 of his fellow teachers in Washington state simply because he’s been in the classroom fewer years.

Florida May Use Common Core Tests Despite Executive Order

Florida may still use national Common Core tests even though Gov.

Kentucky Governor Overrides Legislature on National Science Standards

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear has overruled the state legislature’s rejection of national science standards.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Secure Parent Rights

Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina has proposed a bill to amend the U.S.

Washington State Considers School Choice

A tax-credit scholarship bill introduced by Washington state lawmakers would “allow maximum freedom to parents to provide for the educational needs of children,” the bill states.

Feds Target Wisconsin Vouchers

Wisconsin will tighten regulations on voucher schools after State Superintendent Tony Evers received a letter from the U.S.

Wisconsin Lawmakers Consider Two School Choice Proposals

In 1989, Wisconsin became the first state to implement school vouchers for poor families.