Newspaper Articles – Ryan Ekvall

IRS Settles for $580K from Wisconsin's Capital City; Another $300K Owed

The federal tax code is so complicated even the City of Madison, Wis., has trouble deciphering it.

Wisconsin’s Wealthy Pay Disproportionately More

The top 0.5 percent of income earners in Wisconsin paid more than a fifth of the state’s income taxes in 2012.

Audit an Embarrassment for Wisconsin Economic Development Corp.

Another audit, another finding of incompetence and waste at Wisconsin’s top jobs agency.

Protesters Rally Against Walker Medicaid Proposal That Would Benefit Them

Dozens of union-backed protesters descended on the Wisconsin Capitol building protesting Republican Gov.

‘Material Misstatements’ Found In Wisconsin’s Malpractice Insurance Fund

Wisconsin requires medical providers to buy supplementary malpractice insurance from the state, but an independent audit suggests the billion dollar insurance trust fund needs tighter financial con