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The Brouhaha Concerning the FCC's In-Flight Cellphone Proposal Is Misplaced

Thursday, the FCC considered issuing a proposal that seeks comment on the Commission’s rules regarding the use of mobile wireless services on board aircraft.

A Message for Susan: Dynamic Markets Make Predictions Hazardous

I was thinking of Susan and her book again this weekend.

Why the FCC Needs to Get With the Times, Finally

We are in the midst of a transition away from copper wire-based communications services to broadband Internet-based services - a transition that then-FCC commissioner

I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change

One of my favorite off-Broadway shows is  

Labor Day 2013: Lincoln, Labor, and Liberty

I've just finished reading Rich Lowry's new book, Lincoln Unbound, and as someone who ha

Google Goes Shopping at a Dollar Store

Last week Google went shopping at a dollar store — and came away with a fiber system.

Commentary: A Call for a Radical New Communications Policy

When Congress passed the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the most significant change to the Communications Act since its adoption in 1934, many people thought the new statute meant there would be a

Bearing in Mind the Purpose of Forbearance

There has been a lot of discussion the past several months about the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) exercise of its forbearance authority.

Universal Service Fund Needs FCC Attention this Year, Policy Analysts Say

Now that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued its three notices of proposed rulemakings regarding potential reform of the bloated and poorly targeted Universal Service funds (coll

No Reason to Gush Over Japan's Telecom Model

I am old enough to remember the so-called "Japanese miracle" of the 1980s, and the subsequent bust, with a decade of recession and then little or no economic growth.