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Why Central Banks Cannot Stimulate Economic Recovery

Today every central bank is printing money by the bucket loads in an attempt to stimulate their national economies.  They are following Keynesian dogma that increasing aggregate demand will sp

Why Basel III Will Fail and Isn't Necessary Anyway

I recently "attended" an online webinar about Basel III's proposed new liquidity requirements for banks.

Here’s Why QE Isn’t Causing Inflation

Our monetary czars lecture us to be unconcerned about their unprecedented expansions in base money and the money supply, because there has been little sign of inflation in the economy.

How Much Longer Will the Dollar Be the World’s Reserve Currency?

Editor’s note: China’s official press agency in October called for ending the U.S.

The Simplicity of Sound Money

Understanding today’s convoluted domestic and international fiat monetary system requires a great deal of time and study.

Is Gold Or the Dollar Overvalued?

A recent bulletin from a major Swiss Bank argues the price of gold has never been higher, its price has peaked, the run up was driven by fear, fear is now waning, and it is time to sell gold.

There is No Value in Currency Devaluation

The euro is in trouble. That is not news. What is news is that people with deep pockets are willing to pay for economists to provide a solution.