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North Carolina Governor Signs Bill Cutting Personal and Business Taxes

Last week, North Carolina legislators passed major tax reform legislation, and Governor Pat McCrory (R) on Tuesday signed it into law.

Expect Higher Medical Costs, Less Research Because of Device Tax

The federal medical device tax, which went into force on January 1 of this year, will have an adverse effect on the medical device industry, consumers, and the economy, according to a new analysis

U.S. Now Has Some of the World’s Highest Capital Gains Tax Rates

Capital gains tax rates in the United States, which were raised in January, are now among the highest in the world, causing a drain on the economy and putting the U.S.

Postmaster General Compares USPS to Greece, but Is Comparison Accurate?

Concerns over the perilous financial condition of the U.S.

Kansas Tax Reforms Favor Pass-Through Businesses Over C Corporations

After being shut down in the Kansas Senate, resurrected, and debated for several months, major tax reform legislation has been signed into law by Governor Sam Brownback (R).

Income Down, Tax Rate Up for Top 1 Percent of Earners

The income earned by the top 1 percent of Americans has declined for the second year in a row while their average tax rate has increased, according to a new Tax Foundation study.

IPCC: "More politics than science," scientist says

In an early March briefing before congressional staff, members of the press, and scientists, Professor Richard S.