Newspaper Articles – William Patrick

FDA Targets Cigar Makers, Threatening 119-Year-Old Business

J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is one of a kind, literally.

Hertz Handed $85 Million, Hands Back Dubious Financial Reports

A new financial disclosure casts a dark shadow over a deal that sent $85 million in tax incentives, including $19 million in upfront cash, from Florida’s public coffers to a Fortune 500 company.

Florida Transit Agency Using Tax Dollars to Promote Big Tax Increase

A Pinellas County, Fla., public transit board is on the hot seat over its use of taxpayer money to promote a $1.7 billion light rail plan that requires a significant local tax increase to fund it.<

Florida Bills Buttress Family’s U.S. Supreme Court Property Rights Victory

A Florida family’s 20-year battle to build on their own land remains unresolved, but their efforts to fight excessive government permitting costs have given property rights advocates and land devel

Tallahassee Taxpayers Get Little Back from Red-Light Cameras

Red-light cameras are supposed to make dangerous intersections safer. But at what cost?

‘Underwater’ Homeowners in Florida Struggle for Federal Life Preserver

Florida received $1 billion from the federal government to help struggling homeowners, but just 13 percent of that money has gone toward helping them.

Arrival of Obamacare Navigators in Florida Sparks Concerns Over Privacy, Fraud

How secure are Floridians’ health and financial information in the wake of Obamacare?

Florida Gives Hertz $85 Million in Incentives for $60 Million Headquarters

If you’re a large business and you want to relocate near the beach, then boy does Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) have a deal for you.

Questions Loom as EB-5 Investment Program Explodes

The EB-5 visa program is big business in Florida. A few years ago, four regional centers in the state were soliciting foreign investor money in exchange for U.S. citizenship.

Florida Parent Trigger Enters House

Of Florida’s 67 counties, only one has more African-Americans than whites: Gadsden County.