Newspaper Articles – Jenni White

Private Charleston School May Manage Failing Public School

Once construction of a new downtown Charleston, South Carolina elementary school is complete, the Brentwood Middle School now housing its students will be empty.

Nontraditional Schools Chart the Waters of Common Core

Since the inception of national Common Core curriculum and testing standards, how they would

Obama Administration Demands Teacher Redistribution for NCLB Waivers

Two years after the Obama administration offered states a Monopoly-style “get out of jail free” card from some demands of the 2001 No Child Left Behind law, it will offer another round of waivers i

North Carolina Centralizes, Expands Student Data Collection

This year, all North Carolina public schools will feed a vast amount of student information such as grades, classes, discipline problems, and test scores into one online system.

Study: How to Create ‘Next-Gen Vouchers’

Parents will have ultimate control over their child’s education dollars when states move existing school choice programs into education savings accounts, says a new report.

Southern Black Voters Overwhelmingly Favor School Choice, Poll Finds

Approximately nine in ten African-American voters across Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi favor school choice policies, according to a survey published by the Black Alliance for Educat

Penn. to Consider Common Core Repeal

Pennsylvania will revert to its state tests rather than use national Common Core tests, according to Pennsylvania Department of Education spokesman Tim Eller.

GED Test Shifts to Fit Common Core

On January 2, 2014, the GED test shifted to a new version fully aligned with Common Core national K-12 benchmarks.

What Families Do with School Choice

Madison, Wisconsin mother Mary Keaveny has enrolled her five children in three different kinds of schools.