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Economist Laffer Backs Internet Tax; Opponents Fear Precedent

Economist Arthur Laffer has released a study claiming a measure requiring online and catalog retailers to collect and remit sales tax

Polls: Americans Remain Divided or Uninformed on Obamacare

As government bureaucrats, community groups, and supporters gear up for the publicity efforts that will surround this fall’s open enrollment for the health insurance exchanges created under Preside

Colorado District Implements Innovative Teacher Pay

A trailblazing Colorado school district has implemented a first-in-nation pay system that will reflect teachers’ value by rewardi

Wisconsin Lawmakers Look to Expand Vouchers Statewide

After weeks of closed-door negotiations, Wisconsin lawmakers have come out with a compromise on a school voucher expansion that would send the program statewide but cap enrollment.

NC Aims to Boost Economic Performance With Tax Cuts and Reforms

North Carolina’s General Assembly is considering two reform plans that would markedly improve the state’s economic competitiveness, according to an analysis by the Tax Foundation.