Newspaper Articles – Kenric Ward

San Antonio Housing Prices Rise As City Plays The ‘Market’

Free-market advocates say San Antonio’s “market rent” program is boosting consumer costs and amounts to a “subsidy for the rich.”

County Eyes $85 Million for Bike-Walk Projects

Like its next-door neighbor in Arlington, Fairfax County, Va., has grand visions for alternative transportation, and planners want to spend millions more taxpayer dollars to get there.

IRS Admits 25% of Earned Income Tax Credits Are Issued Improperly

A new government report says the IRS is making little progress in reducing improper payments of Earned Income Tax Credits — allowing more than $13 billion to slip through last fiscal year.

Grassley Seeks Answers: Why Pursue Children for Deceased Parents’ Debts?

The Washington Post declared victory this week for exposing the seizure of income-tax refunds to claw back alleged Social Security overpayments.

Virginia Farmers Win Land-Use Fight; Food Freedom Next

Martha Boneta, a big-spirited small farmer, calls newly enacted land-use legislation in Virginia a “landmark event” that will boost agricultural entrepreneurs there.

Congressional Candidates Slam Investor-Visa ‘Boondoggle’

Two Republican congressional candidates in Virginia say the federal investor-visa program is “ripe with abuse” and it’s time for a House cleaning.

Sallie Mae: Fueling $1 Trillion Federal Student Loan Crisis

Sallie Mae, a government-sponsored enterprise turned “private,” exhibits a “pattern of breaking the rules and ignoring its contractual obligations,” said U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.)

Mockery of $1 Million Bus Stop Blocks Two Dozen More

Arlington County, Virginia dubs itself a “world-class” community. Such hubris has led to a $1.1 million bus stop.

‘Subsidy Summit’ Seeks Political Juice for Electric Carmakers

Amid gridlock over government spending and debt ceilings, green-energy advocates and rent-seeking businesses are convening in Washington, D.C.

Amtrak Food Costs are Off the Rails, Congressman Says

Amtrak trains featuring gourmet menus in their café cars are losing more than $400 per passenger ticket, and a leading House Republican wants an investigation.