Newspaper Articles – Bailey Pritchett

New Mexico Lawmakers Consider Ending Repercussions for Families that Refuse Tests

Parents and legislators in New Mexico hope to pass a law that lets families chose to remove their children from state tests without negative repercussions. Last month, state Rep.

Activists Hope to Take Winning Colorado Strategy Nationwide

At the end of a hard-fought and expensive race, four conservative school board incumbents retained their majority in Douglas County, Colorado this November.

$15 An Hour Minimum Wage at Seattle-Tacoma Squeaks to Victory

It took three weeks of ballot counting before the people of SeaTac, Wash., learned voters there had approved a new minimum wage of $15 an hour.

Missourians Gather Signatures for School Choice Initiative

Missourians are gathering signatures to put a school-choice proposal on the November 2014 ballot.

North Carolina Backtracks on Plans to Inspect Homeschools

North Carolina homeschool parents erupted in anger when David Mills, director of the state’s Department of Non-Public Education, said he planned to randomly visit homeschools across the state for “

States Implement New Teacher Evaluations that Include Student Performance

This school year, school districts nationwide have begun implementing new teacher evaluation systems that include student test scores.

New York Legislature to Reconsider Testing, Common Core

Lawmakers will review New York’s recent education reform agenda, including Common Core national education standards, in public hearings this fall.

North Carolina Overhauls K-12

Despite 13 weeks of teachers union protests, North Carolina passed into law a state budget that makes thousands of poor children eligible for vouchers, eliminates K-12 tenure, ends automatic pay in

Georgia Rejects Common Core Tests Due to High Costs

Testing costs have removed Georgia from the list of states that will administer PARCC, one of the two national Common Core tests, the state Department of Education announced.

Common Core Testing Costs Increase; Georgia Withdraws

It will take only three more states to withdraw from PARCC national Common Core tests to jeopardize the group’s $186 million federal grant.