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PA Senate Discussing Move to 401(k)-Style Pension Plans

Republican lawmakers in the Pennsylvania House spent the past week trying to cobble together enough votes to overhaul the state pension system.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Tolls Headed Up . . . and Up

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: The cost of using the Pennsylvania Turnpike will increase next year.

Feds May Disallow State Tax, Force Pennsylvania to Repay $1.7 Billion

Pennsylvania may have to repay $1.7 billion to the federal government and may not be allowed to continue levying a tax on managed care providers to help fund Medicaid programs.

Pennsylvania Reform Plan Would Save Billions Over Long Haul but Nothing Now

An effort to overhaul Pennsylvania’s public sector pension plans got a key thumbs-up in June but still faces several hurdles and would do little to solve the short-term pension problems in this yea

PA Legislators Get Stern Warnings from Credit Rating Agencies

Once is a fluke. Twice can be a coincidence. Three times is a trend.

Bipartisan Effort Moves Colorado Toward Banning Traffic Cameras

Red-light cameras are really all about the green, says Colorado state Sen. Scott Renfroe.

Great Expectations: States Still Using Unrealistic Pension Assumptions

Two years ago, when Rhode Island passed bipartisan legislation to reform a state pension system that threatened to bankrupt the state, it was hailed as an example for other states to follow.

Pension Crisis: PA Auditor General Warns of Tax Increases, Bankruptcy

Pennsylvania's public pension nightmares are worse than they seem, and local governments face the prospect of tax increases or even bankruptcies caused by mounting levels of pension debt.

Gains Not Guaranteed If Boeing Flies Off With Billions in Taxpayer Handouts

In an attempt to lure businesses to move within their borders, states offer everything from piles of cash to tax-free land and low-interest loans to state tax credits — all in the name of economic

Moody’s Warns of Bankruptcy in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Scranton, Pennsylvania could be headed toward another fiscal crisis like the one that resulted in city workers having their pay cut to minimum wage in 2012, according to a major credit ratings agen