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On Top of Income Tax Hike, Pressure Building for Higher Illinois Gasoline Tax

Most gas stations make more money on a $2 bag of ice than on a $3.55 gallon of gas. A tax increase, station owners say, would kill their businesses.

Illinois Schools Won’t Get a Billion More

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Illinois State Superintendent Chris Koch is asking for an extra $1 billion in his new budget request.

Illinois Lawmakers Eye $600 Million Tax on Sugary Drinks

In Illinois it’s called everything from pop to soda to sodi, but the state’s Democrats are now calling soda pop a moneymaker.

Governor Fires Firm that Found 40% Error Rate in Illinois’ Medicaid Rolls

Illinois has fired the private company that found 40 percent of the state's Medicaid enrollees shouldn’t be in the system.

Can Illinois Schools Crack Their Property Tax Addiction?

AURORA, Ill. — Illinois taxpayers, through local property taxes, pay $12 billion of the $20 billion it costs to educate kids in the state each year.

Companies Can’t Lose, but Can Illinois Taxpayers Win With Incentives?

Illinois lawmakers are determined to lower the state’s 9.2 percent unemployment rate, even it that means paying big companies to do business there.

Illinois’ Do-Nothing Legislature Does Even Less

Illinois lawmakers are scared. Voters go to the polls in March, and lawmakers’ anxiety over their respective fates has effectively frozen the Legislature.

Report: In Some States, Welfare Pays Better than Work

In more than a dozen states, a family of three can live on what is essentially a middle-class salary without holding down a job.

Illinois Hoped to Save Big, But Might Save Nothing in Medicaid

Illinois had hoped to shave hundreds of millions of dollars from its budget by paring the Medicaid rolls before next year’s Obamacare-fueled expansion, but with the high cost of the consulting firm

Illinois Bets on Medicaid Expansion

If the federal government keeps its promise to pay 90 percent of the costs for Obamacare, Illinois will have to find $1.8 billion a year to pay for the massive Medicaid expansion now on its way to