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Tennessee Moving to Repeal ‘Jock Tax’ on Pro Athletes

Professional basketball and hockey players probably won’t mind playing in Tennessee anymore.

Tennessee Legislature Mulls Making People Pay More to Puff

Tennessee State Rep. Gary Odom (D-Nashville) wants smokers to pay an additional 44-cent tax on each pack of cigarettes to help fund Medicaid expansion.

Nashville Must Pay Millions More for Convention Center Land

The City of Nashville must make up for the $15 million in fair market value a private real estate development company says it lost when city officials used eminent domain laws to take the firm’s la

Memphis Voters Asked to Raise Sales Tax for Questionable Pre-Kindergarten

Memphis voters will decide in November if they want to pay higher taxes to make up for a loss in federal pre-kindergarten funding — despite a state comptroller’s report that the programs have no la

Local Investors Say No, Feds Say Yes to Restoring Town’s Theater

If you can’t convince private investors to restore an old Tennessee theater, and if even state legislators refuse to put up half a million-taxpayer dollars, then the federal government is always go

$$$ Millions for ‘Nashville’ Production, But No Clear Benefits

Nashville’s famous Broadway Street is crowded with tourists year-round, but it’s hard to find even one visitor who regularly watches the ABC drama “Nashville,” which state officials subsidized with

Report Finds Massive Waste in Obamacare’s Prevention Program

A new report from the General Accountability Office suggests federal and state officials are mishandling a prominent prevention program under President Obama’s health care law, with taxpayers force